OK, let’s talk about one of my strongest skills: ATTRACTION

What’s funny is that I don’t do anything out of the ordinary to generate attraction. I’m fairly good looking, but there are much better looking guys than me around. I don’t have the body of a Greek God. I make a decent living, but I’m not the richest guy around. I don’t use C&F, negs or other attraction routines. So how am I doing it?

First of all remember what I wrote earlier in that you can’t MAKE anyone feel attraction. As soon as you try and make someone feel attraction for you, you become unattractive. Why?

Because attractive people KNOW they are already attractive and don’t try to attract anyone, it comes automatically. So as soon as you try and attract someone then you start behaving like an unattractive person. Confusing and counter-intuitive isn’t it? 🙂

OK, so now that you understand that you shouldn’t try and attract someone, how do you become an attractive person?

Well remember when we talked about how women are attracted to guys at the top of the “social ladder”?

Well I take on all of the qualities of the guys at the top of this “social ladder.” I radiate that I am one of these guys.

If you ever seen a celebrity, professional athlete, self-made millionaire or any of these other desirable people interact in ordinary environments, you will notice that they behave in very different ways than ordinary people.

For instance, a lot of guys talk about how they need to be in a high-energy state in order to PU chicks. Imagine someone like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise when they want to meet chicks. Do you think they get all high-energy and stupidly excited to an artificial state that they normally would never be in just so they could PU chicks?

OK, here it comes, I know what you’re thinking:

“But these guys are famous, everyone knows who they are!!”

OK then let’s replace them with a professional athlete, someone that not all chicks know about. This person just radiates something special and everyone picks up on that, whether they know who he is or not. It’s all in his attitude and behavior.

He is relaxed and confident. He is not out trying to prove anything to anyone. Nor does he care what other people think about him. Why not?

What can a person nowhere near his skills or stage in life, do for him? Do you think Tiger Woods (Pro golf player) worries about what a weekend hacker (amateur golf player) thinks of his golf swing, abilities, etc?

Do you think Bill Gates, the founder and owner of Microsoft, is worried about what a computer hacker wannabe thinks of his company’s products?

Do you think Brad Pitt worries about what some aspiring amateur thinks about his acting skills?

Would you worry about what some 45-year old virgin thinks of your PU skills? Hell no! He’s beneath you and has nothing to offer except a worthless opinion.

Now go back to the “social ladder” and think about the guys at the very top. Do they worry about the opinions of others below them? Nope! Those opinions are totally worthless to them.

Do they worry about social rules, implications and consequences? Nope! Why not, you ask?

Think about who make those social rules to begin with. It’s these guys up at the very top, that make these “rules” and everyone else follows them. Everyone else wants to be like them and wants their approval.

Understand that masculine is attracted to feminine and feminine is attracted to masculine. Of course there are exceptions, but we’ll limit this to PU purposes.

So these guys up at the top of the “social ladder”, who don’t give a shit about the “social ladder” to begin with, are the masculine ideals for western societies.

Now think about the ordinary chumps or AFCs that worry about what others think of them, worry about their image, that don’t want to be looked down upon by others, worried about if women find them attractive or not, etc. So they do what is “socially correct”, in order to be accepted by others, they try to “fit in”, they don’t want to be the outsider, they want to be higher up on the “social ladder”, etc. In essence these guys behave like women! They are feminine by behavior!

Now I told you that feminine is attracted to masculine. Do you need to work out why chicks aren’t attracted to these AFCs?

So the moral of this story is don’t be a male-bitch! Be one of the guys at the very top of the “social ladder.”

Easier said then done, but I just showed you the path.

So now I can leave you with an appropriate quote from the movie “The Matrix” in the scene where Neo has just rescued Morpheus from the agents and Trinity from the falling helicopter, but still doesn’t believe he is The One. Morpheus says to Neo:

“Sooner or later, you’re going to realize just as I did…There‘s a difference between knowing the path……and walking the path.”

Now I just showed you the path, it will take some time, but believe me boys, when you start “walking the path”, not only will you know it but so will everyone else. And you’ll never be the same again!

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