Attraction and Rapport

Let’s discuss a little PU theory.

Almost all of the top PUAs in the world will agree that consistent success in PU requires both attraction and rapport being established. The major difference between the methods is HOW attraction and rapport are established.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard inexperienced guys asking others what went wrong in their PU attempts. Now that’s good, this is the only way you learn and improve, by asking questions and getting feedback. What’s bad is that a lot of the times they will receive complete bullshit advice like, there wasn’t enough attraction or rapport established.

I mean how do you establish attraction and rapport? You really can’t MAKE anyone feel anything let alone attraction or rapport. And yet a lot of guys will focus just on doing this. Attraction and rapport are only her REACTIONS in response to your ACTIONS. So rather than focus on creating those reactions, I focus on my actions. Does this make sense?

I know a lot of guys will say stuff like “But in the attraction stage I use things like attraction routines, negs, DHV, etc and in the rapport stage I use stories, etc.”

IMO these things are just bandages and alleviation for symptoms of a larger disease.

I’m the most successful PUA I know in real life. And guess what?

I don’t use any routines, negs, DHV, etc. Those of you who have read my contributions on mASF know that I assume both attraction and rapport when I PU. I don’t even think about these things, but after closer examination of my method you’ll see that I trigger both attraction and rapport from my personality and way of interacting automatically. This is also part of RJM and I will get into it more of how this is done later on.

For now just understand that attraction and rapport are not things that you need to consciously create, it can be done just by being yourself.

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