Key Tips on Rapport Building

OK, rapport building is the weakest link in my PU skills, and its going to be my main focus of improvement in the coming months. My model of the world is typically different than most chicks, so it can be hard sometimes to decide WHAT to reveal and what to keep to myself until later. BEFORE the lay, chicks are looking for reasons NOT to lay you. AFTER the lay, chicks are looking for ways to JUSTIFY having slept with you. Women tend to BACKWARDS JUSTIFY.

SO keep a lot of yourself INSIDE, until AFTER the lay, since by then she’ll find a lot of your idiosyncrasies CUTE and AMUSING. If you let go the WRONG things, she may still like you, but SCREEN you. STILL, you have to be REAL with the chick, because this is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the PU in certain ways. With PARTY CHICKS, it’s LESS important and sometimes UNNECESSARY altogether. I know some chicks who’ve said don’t tell me your name, it’ll ruin it during sex. So be OBSERVANT. The KEY to rapport building is to be REAL. You have to ACTUALLY CARE about what the chick is saying, and you have to be REAL with her. BE YOURSELF in certain ways. Be APPROPRIATE of course, but be yourself at least on some levels. CREATE A CONNECTION to the chick. REMEMBER, she will be FAR more AGREEABLE to WHATEVER you tell her, when you’ve done the foundational ATTRACTION work, PRIOR to ALLOWING her to get rapport with you. So its OK to say ‘whats on your mind’, to a certain extent. STILL, you may want to switch back and forth from stuff that conveys value, to stuff that FITS HER MODEL OF THE WORLD.

That means that although you want to disclose things that are FLATTERING to yourself, the MORE IMPORTANT thing is to disclose COMMON EXPERIENCES like CHILDHOOD intrigue, and what you went through in life. CHERRY PICK for COMMON types of EMOTIONAL experiences, and EXPLORE THEM TOGETHER. But first, lets say AGAIN, that using CERTAIN types of approaches this is UNNECESSARY. Using PURE Gunwitch sexual-state projection, this can BREAK her sexual state. SAME if youre going for ONS with a party-chick, and the rapport will KILL her lust for you. So be OBSERVANT. READ THE SIGNS.

If she isn’t attempting to get rapport with you, she may INSTEAD suggest an isolation herself (without your prompting it). I had a chick DRAG me to the bathroom, so that we could be alone, and so that she could ATTEMPT to get me to fuck her in the bathroom. Had I gotten rapport with this chick, she would have lost interest in that I bet. Too bad Im not into washroom sex, but thats another issue.

Again, READ HER SIGNALS. She will GIVE you WHAT YOU NEED to fuck her, if you are OBSERVANT. If she needs rapport, or more partying, or more romance, there are WAYS to key into it.

-whats your name? = rapport
-lets go over here (isolates herself for you) = cockiness/partyguy/alpha/sex
-neutral talk with sexual bodylanguage, sexual tonality, etc = stay neutral, focus on BODYLANGUAGE / Gunwitch style
-HB9.5+ chick touching you = a TEST where you have to say hands off the merchandise, since she is RE-VALIDATING herself.. this is for ELITE hot chicks

These are just a FEW signals. Start keying into the signals chicks give you, and learn to ADAPT.

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