The Comprehensive Ramblings of a PUA, pt. 4

To LET GO of that social-persona that MUDDIES your perception of what is GOING ON during a pickup, is to come as close to OMNISCIENCE as you get in the endeavour.

It is the only way to GET GOOD, because it is the only state in which you will be FREE to focus critically on what is IMPORTANT during the pickup.

To STOP BELIEVING that the RESULT of the pickup experiment is a reflection of YOU as a PERSON, and to REALIZE that it is simply the reflection of the EXPERIMENT. To believe that there is NO CORRELATION between your personal-worth, and your GAME.

It is only THEN, that you can TRULY UNDERSTAND what is going on. ONLY THEN, can you actually SUCCUMB to the GENIUS that BURIED within you.

When you get to that point, when you don’t feel the SLIGHTEST nerves during a pickup. Your brain REVELS in the PROCESS of EMPLOYING the massive WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE that you have acquired in your study of pickup. Your brain CYCLES the possible solution to every obstacle that you are faced with NO REGARD to the consequences that it will bear on your ARTIFICIAL PERSONA.

Your brain REVELS in the ELECTRICITY of the PROCESS. If arousal occurs, its because its part of what you know WORKS, and that the projection of your sexual state is OBJECTIVELY what you KNOW will work to attract. The sex becomes nothing more than the VALIDATION of your excellence. A FRINGE BENEFIT, that is a PATHETIC SHADOW of the fact that your very act is CONFIRMING the TRUE CONNECTION that you have with your true CORE-SELF. And later, as you enjoy the sex with this new person, you give into the ANIMALISTIC LUST that is a NATURAL part of you as well.

THAT is the ADDICTION that is pickup. The SATURATION of your conscious self, into your purest ESSENCE.

Not FEEDING the fake PERSONA that you’ve created as a self-defense from the external world.

The connection that is established, between yourself and your surroundings. The FEELING that you get, when you can undergo the process of pickup, and NOT CARE about the outcome of the EXPERIMENT. It REMINDS you of how far you’ve come in your personal development – and the feeling is LIBERATING, in a similar way to SKYDIVING, or any other LIFE CONFIRMING activity.

The tactics and techniques are only there to help you FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT. They MODEL and FAKE the sorts of things that the purely CHARISMATIC people would say NATURALLY.

Because it is the ability to WALK AWAY from ANY chick, that is ULTIMATELY ATTRACTIVE.

Tactics such as NEGS are meant to MODEL the individual who is master of their reality, because they CONVEY such characteristics. NEGS are “FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT” tactics.

This is why the PUA GUNWITCH becomes infuriated with the over-analysis that we PUAs participate in. He cannot GRASP why people would focus on something that is NOT natural. He makes the analogy of a vitamin pill not being a supplement for a REAL fruit, because the NATURAL properties are not carried over into the pill. He strives to get in touch with that NATURAL essence that we all have, by TAPPING our NATURAL sexual state, and projecting it. He advocates WILLPOWER.

Get IN TOUCH with your natural essence, and those techniques that are necessary for pickup will happen naturally, on their own.

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