Points of Persistence

One of Gun’s most popular articles, on how to properly persist.

Not ejecting – Get rejected, make sure she isn’t attracted to you before you run out of things to say or the conversation lulls and you go “ok then maybe see ya around” and walk off like a goof.

When you let the cat out of the bag for getting her alone with you, not isolation/extraction/MM based talk I am talking when you say “fuck it lets save some money on drinks and listen to some GOOD tunes back at my place and get out of here”. Another point of persistence, she will probably or maybe go “probably shouldn’t” or “maybe I dunno”. GET A NO, she’s a CHICK, her ASD wont allow her to make it happen if she tries to “play cool” or is sitting on the fence in decision, so you gotta.

Final point is of course LMR, making out alone together at home and she goes “we just met this feels to fast”, simply do the stuff from GWM and say “yeah but this is nice isn’t it” and keep making out until she gets hot enough to not object.

Those are persistence, the perception of persistence as chasing her drooling and slobbering is one I have no idea where the fuck it came from. I know I don’t own persistence but it tends to be thought to “go gunwitch” is to start groping and talking sex which it isn’t. Along with amplification of sexual desire and rapport, the above 3 points of persistence are what I never stall on, and hence rarely fail in my PUs.

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