Cave Manning and Kino

Something that I realized is really key in my game is that I give girls the opportunity to INITIATE kino, rather than being the one to initiate it myself.


There are several reasons that people in the community adopted KINO as a tactic.  Among them were studies which stated:

  • a sample group watching several photographs were asked to determine who was the alpha in each picture, and they always picked the guy who was taking up the space of the other guy (like he was touching his shoulder or something).  So KINO conveys alphaness.
  • in a library, a clerk touched the hands of people one day as she would hand back their library cards, and on the day she’d touch people, a higher percentage of people would report back a pleasant interaction.  So KINO generates good feelings.

Now to me there is a problem with this, as it correlates to MY PERSONAL game.

I can’t speak for other guys’ game, but this is how it correlates to my style.


When a girl touches you, you know that she somewhat wants you.

So when you touch a girl, you are coming off like you want her.  The jig is up – she knows you want her.  Again, this is a CERTAIN TYPE of kino, not all types.  Playful kino or pushing her away is not what I’m talking about here.  Also there are guys I’ve met who are just SO CONGRUENT with kino, that it does NOT come off as wanting something, and it works for them well.  So again this is why I say repeatedly that this is for MY PERSONAL style, and that this is the result that I get, while others may get a different result.

Now for guys who are coming from a position of being AFCs, again, learning to apply KINO is CYCLICAL.

I remember when I first read the manuals on this board, and they said things like “initiate kino..” or “you ARE in kino, aren’t you dumbass?” and cool shit like that.

This helped me a LOT at first, because back then I was so pathetically beta that the IDEA of touching a woman that I wasn’t dating already was TERRIFYING.

I remember when I first started touching girls when I’d talk to them, I’d get a rush of excitement from it because I couldn’t believe I was getting away with it.  Like I’d brush a girl’s eyelash off her face, and I thought I was James Bond or something.

So this is something all new guys have to go through.  Getting physically and sexually comfortable with themselves and other people.

But at this point, I’m realizing more and more that when you look around in a club, EVERY DUDE IN THERE IS GIVING KINO.

By giving a girl KINO, you’re throwing yourself into the subcategory of guys who lean in and touch without the girl earning it.  The venue is filled up with drunken guys all over, and it can come across not as confident, but as BOLD (aka: drunk or just venue-related-confidence)

That said, KINO is a HUGE part of my game.  Particularly,

1-      caveman as a DECLOGGER

2-      a reward for impressing me

3-      kino PINGING (discussed in a recent post I wrote)

4-      a playful C&F routine, like pushing her away or spins or high-5s or thumb wrestling

5-      something I can use on the FAT OBSTACLES to keep them happy and ignore the target

6-      escalation in LATE GAME and phase shifting

I’ll explain these in upcoming posts.

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