Ryobi’s Version

I use Ryobi’s version of the Lying Game.

It is great for cocky and playful as well as bringing in sexual themes in a humorous way. It also allows you to bust on her. It goes something like this.

“Who do you think lies more, men or women?

Her …. (whatever)

“Oh yeah, I am not so sure, but I know a way to find out. (Smile) OK – Which one of these things about me is true? Only ONE of them is true ….

Number 1. I was left a large estate by a dead relative

Number 2. I have a big jacuzzi at home

Number 3. (whispering a little as if you are sharing a secret) I have a 12 inch penis

Number 4. I am gay!”

Let her decide what she thinks is the true statement then say

“No! Actually, I lied, they are ALL TRUE. Just your luck to meet a rich guy with a jacuzzi and a 12 inch cock who turns out to be gay!”

Then I do a fake semi-turn away and look at her over my shoulder and smile.

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