The Comprehensive Ramblings of a PUA, pt. 13

There are more ways that just those I mentioned: An EIGHTH way is to be DIRECT. I DISAGREE with this method and do NOT use it 99% of the time. I don’t use it myself that much, but it DOES work sometimes.  HOWEVER, for OLDER WOMEN being direct is VERY value-conveying, because it shows that you are ALPHA and go for what you WANT. They are finally mature enough to appreciate you being GENUINE. Again, I DISLIKE this method, but it WORKS on CERTAIN chicks. “I just wanted to tell you, that you have an incredible energy”, is the kind of crap that is useful here. “You look like someone I’d like to meet” (credit TokyoPUA), is a good one for being direct. I DO use DIRECT approaches in cases of STRONG APPROACH INVITATION, and the TPUA line is a good one for that situation. Typically, older chicks (like late 20s and up) will APPRECIATE a man who isn’t “playing games” and is GENUINE in his intentions. Since he is being DIRECT, it is IMPLICIT that he has had past success, and it social proofs him implicitly. Thus conveying value. STILL, this puts her in the DRIVERS seat in some ways, so you have to FRAME IT PROPERLY. Do it in a way that STILL shows that you are NOT going to tolerate ANY bullshit, and although you find her SEXUAL, she still needs to convey value HERSELF.

ALL OF THESE THINGS PROJECT VALUE. Personally, I think a sarge is going BEST when I’m getting SHIT TESTED. BUT, it’s not NECESSARY all the time. You may have had APPROACH INVITATION without even NOTICING IT, and consequently she won’t shit test.

Anyway, the POINT here is that rather than focusing on just getting a smooth # close, focus on PROJECTING VALUE onto yourself.

The best way that I know is to PROD HER TO SHIT TEST YOU using INSTANT comments about the two of you being together and breaking up, because when she starts shit testing you in response to this, and you pass shit tests, you really project a LOT of sexual value in a short period of time.

She thinks WHO-IS-THIS-GUY????

And then she tries to GET RAPPORT with you.

The KEY is to ATTRACT her to WANT to get rapport with you. NOT this bullshit like TRYING to get rapport RIGHT OUT OF THE GATE. This is BULLSHIT, and anyone who says that they lay HOT chicks like this consistently is either an anomaly (like has something unusual going for them), goodlooking, or exaggerating. The closest thing to an exception would be Gunwitch method, but even guys using Gunwitch method are STILL doing something to project value FIRST, through their sexual state projection.

Don’t GIVE IT AWAY too fast. Read my posts on “changing gears” as a MUST READ for this, because it took me a while to figure it out. Don’t switch into rapport the second she tries to get it. But show SIGNS that you are switching gears, and let her EARN your eventual gear switch.

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