Five Great Ways to Project Value

The short of all this is:

1) AGREE to the shit test

2) CREATIVELY MISINTERPRET the shit test as her saying she WANTS YOU

2a) In some situations tell her that despite that she still cannot have you unless she meets x-qualification

HER: you’re a player

YOU: Yeah…so what is it about players that turns you on so much?


1) AGREE to the shit test

2) Use CALLBACK humour to misinterpret your actions in a funny way

HER: do you plan this stuff?

YOU: Yeah…I even plan to go out and meet little POWERPUFF girls (or whatever NEG you used earlier…CALLBACK the neg you used earlier)

The POINT of this, is that you KEEP JOKING that you are together apart together apart, until you ENGAGE her LIMBIC BRAIN, which she will REACT by SHIT TESTING YOU. Since you INTERNALIZE how to PASS the shit tests techniques, and you pass with PERFECT SCORE, she will become aroused very quickly, and attempt to GET RAPPORT with you. You will know that she is at her BOILING point when she gives you a SIGN. A SIGN is like when she says whats your name?, or what do you do?, or where do you come from? She is LEANING IN, and showing strong interest Wide eyes, open body language, facing you, etc etc etc.. So that is my personal favourite way to PROJECT VALUE being COCKY PLAYFUL. However, this is not the ONLY WAY to project value.

A second way would to be learn STRONG SS/Patterning skills, and lead her imagination to all sorts of wild and arousing places. Eliciting past sexual excitement and pushing her through those states. She anchours those feelings to YOU. Personally I dont think its overly effective for the younger party girls that I deal with, but it IS a feasible plan. Apparently a good way with Asian girls

A third way is to learn magic/mentalism/gimmicks/routines/stories, that INTRIGUE and FASCINATE the chick. Basically, this is using PERSONALITY CONVEYANCE. You could also just have a great sense of humour, and be good at conveying that in front of chicks.

A fourth way is to use the above stuff (or ANYTHING) to get SOCIAL PROOF, and impress her with the fact that you are the CENTRE OF ATTENTION, and that you are UNIMPRESSED with her. You DEMONSTRATE that with NEUTRAL comments that youd make to ANYONE, and that show your disregard your targets beauty, like NEGS. Or by just ENJOYING yourself at the venue, for everyone else to see that youre arent trying too hard. That makes you a CHALLENGE, and you therefore present value THAT WAY.

A fifth way is just to have AMAZING RAPPORT. SOME guys can PU using JUST rapport building skills, although I have yet to MEET any that can do it CONSISTENTLY Im still sure that there is somewhere out there (Juggler???). Point is though, that just being both an
obviously SEXUAL MAN, and being able to get the girl to VALUE the rapport/friendship, can be enough to get chicks to sleep with you, if you do it in a way where she KNOWS that sex is part of the package to continuing her involvement with you. This can be done MRSEX4UNYC method, by getting under her hood, and finding out how her engine works, etc etc..

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