The Comprehensive Ramblings of a PUA, pt. 6

OK, one of the most COMMON experiences that someone who is undertaking the goal of becoming a PUA will face, is the harsh realization of just HOW FAR you are of your actual GOAL.


  • learning to give intense EC to a chick
  • learning to initiate a chat
  • learning to initiate a chat without pissing your pants
  • learning to ask for a #
  • realizing that those are flakes, and pinpointing why
  • learning to correct that, through projecting value onto yourself
  • learning to EXPLOIT the interest that you generate by structuring future interactions
  • learning to phase shift, and close during the first interaction, or during the ‘get together’
  • learning to disarm LMR

You read ASF. You start giving chicks a bunch of eye-contact. You learn to chat girls for 2 seconds. You learn to chat girls for 5-10 minutes. You learn to ask them for their #. You get it. You’re ESTATIC. But then you realize that these #s are FLAKES.

DAMN, that part SUCKS. I fucking HATED that shit. I remember the first girl I got a # from, I got one-itis for SO FUCKING BAD that my heart pounded through my chest when I called her. I remember sitting in my backyard of my country house, staring over the open field, thinking how I should just RELAX, and that no matter what happened, I’d still be me, and I’d still have my whole life ahead of me, etc etc etc..

She called me back a week later and told me that she had a boyfriend, but would still go out with me.. WTF??? I just KNEW that this chick had probably chatted ALL WEEK to her friends about how she should get out of this fishy ‘get-together’ that she’d agreed to. Here I thought that this chick was a potential FUTURE WIFE, and all that she thought of me was like basically what I thought of fat chicks who had tried to hover around me in the past. HOW could she not FEEL the CONNECTION that we had????

The thing was, that I had CREATED this connection in my own MIND. Despite having found ASF, I still had retained the BELIEF that there was a girl out there for me, and that I wouldn’t need to become a full-blown PUA in order to find her. AFTER ALL, I still was LIGHT YEARS ahead of most guys, just for having FOUND and attained a rough UNDERSTANDING of ASF concepts. I wouldn’t need to become an ASF fanatic just to find the right chick for me, and I could settle and focus on other things.

So still, I continued getting #s which I convinced myself were SURELY the girls that I could just SETTLE with, and therefore assumed MAJOR value on them. I tried stuff like taking a shit while phoning, which is proven to naturally relax you. I’d do shit like phoning while I was DRIVING, so I’d have to focus on something else while I called.. damn, that shit was a fucking DRAMA FEST..

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