The Comprehensive Ramblings of a PUA, pt. 20

So because I’m so pro at body language and phase-shifting, when I’m at university, it’s VERY common that chicks I approach will say “you FINALLY came over!!!”

I’m like WTF??? And its because I practice it on EVERY chick that passes me, and many of them know who I am, since they don’t realize that I do this ALL DAY. Just try not to bump into poles and shit like that, while you’re staring down every chick that passes (funny, but I’m not joking).

By having this kind of AURA, you can close chicks FAR more easily. Twentysix, for example, is probably a BETTER PUA than I am when it comes to ACTUAL PICKUP.  But he can’t come close to my close-rates, SOLELY because of the ENDGAME stuff that I developed over those barren eight months. By getting your endgame stuff this tight, you can close chicks even with poor technique oftentimes. I’ve had a few chicks tell me that I’m so sexual and all this shit.. “the most sexual man I’ve ever met” etc etc… HAHAHAH they don’t know that deep down inside I’m a fucking NERD.. like the LEAST sexual guy on the PLANET just a year ago.. It’s FAKE, and REHEARSED.. So, IOW, if **I** can do it, ANYONE can.

You can LEARN bodylanguage and sexual state projection, by seeking out books that cater EXCLUSIVELY to that, and PRACTISING this stuff. ANYONE can learn it.

As I’ve been saying for months now, “GUNWITCH METHOD” is by far the BEST internet stuff written, BAR NONE, in the scene for PHASE SHIFTING. ANYONE who ignores GWM text is ignoring a GREAT read. Gunwitch sums up the sexual state in like 16 pages or something, and its tight stuff. I still liked some of the other stuff I read in hardcopy a bit better, but that shit was all professional and all that. But Gunwitch’s stuff is the cheapest (free), fastest, and best starting point, IMHO. Definitely a great place to start, and I really like how he advocates NEUTRAL TALK when phase shifting.

REMEMBER, this is SO IMPORTANT. When you are PHASE SHIFTING, you have to heed Gunwitch’s advice, and maintain NEUTRAL CONVERSATION. Keep it NEUTRAL, so that you both can focus on BODY LANGUAGE, and moving your heads closer to eachother and all that.

Do NOT try to run a fucking ROUTINE or PATTERN when you’re about to kiss the chick, or she’ll be too INTRIGUED to focus on the sexual state that you are projecting. The only exception is the EVOLUTION PHASE SHIFT KISS CLOSE, which isn’t bad since it talks about the feelings that she is going through RIGHT THERE.

GAME is meant to get you from POINT A (disinterest, or neutral opinion of you), to POINT B (attraction to you). Do NOT continue to GAME a chick who is ALREADY attracted to you at that moment. Just focus on PHASE SHIFTING, and getting the tongue-down.

So LEARN a tight phase shift, and endgame becomes much EASIER. Poor pickups will still CONVERT to lays.

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