The Comprehensive Ramblings of a PUA, pt. 8

So, you might be ugly, but the thing is, to just GO WITH IT. APPRECIATE that you’re a GUY, who is judged by his ATTITUDE and ACCOMPLISHMENTS, and not a chick who can NEVER escape her looks. I want to say ONCE and FOR ALL, that LOOKS DO NOT MATTER ONE FUCKING BIT when it comes to pickup. I say this more to re-affirm it to myself, than for others. But what I’m saying is the REAL SHIT. (we’re assuming that grooming/style is a given here, though, bros)

So WHY was this REALLY happening?? Because I was focusing on a NATURAL, LOW RISK way of #closing. My main goal wasn’t to PROJECT VALUE onto myself, so that she’d want to see me again.. Instead, it was to ask for the # in a way that wasn’t EMBARRESSING.. My goal was to WORK THE #CLOSE INTO THE CONVERSATION NATURALLY, instead of PROJECTING VALUE ONTO MYSELF.

THIS is the FLAW with the David DeAngelo PICKUP methods from his CDs. Do NOT get me wrong on this – the David DeAngelo CDs are SO FUCKING AWESOME for alot of things. His stuff on certain non-needy / non-wuss attitudes were turning points not only in my GAME, but in my SOCIAL SKILLS. But the PROBLEM with the David DeAngelo CD actual pickup methods (I’m strictly address the PICKUP METHODS – 2 minute email close, IM sarging, etc – and not the other content of the CDs), is that they ASSUME that you don’t have the SKILLS to PROJECT VALUE onto yourself, in any given interaction with a chick. So he comes up with ways to CIRCUMVENT this deficiency, which I suppose are actually effective for newbies.

See, David D is basically trying to put out a product that will get guys LAID.  Not necessarily a product to turn them into pickup ARTISTS, but a product that will yield the result of a SEX LIFE for loser guys. And it’s definitely an EFFECTIVE product in those terms. It also could at least get you STARTED on the road to becoming a PUA, since you’d get some experience under your belt.

But it’s DESIGNED for guys who can’t CONVEY value to a chick, during the course of a PICKUP. His LOGIC is that MOST chicks will give away an EMAIL address to most guys – so THERFORE, given that most guys can’t CALM THEIR NERVES and THINK FAST ENOUGH to convey value in the FIRST interaction, that they can do it STATEGICALLY, and under LESS PRESSURE, over a few email interactions. The chick can SLOWLY get to know you over the COMPUTER, and feel more comfortable, since you don’t have METHODS of doing that in the first interaction anyway. Since she can’t see you SWEATING, and you have the TIME and CALMNESS to take the right steps, you are able to win her over before you see her again.

The same basically goes for IM SARGING, which he recommends.

So the thing is, if you want to become not only a guy who can get laid, but also a PICKUP ARTIST, then you need to find STRATEGIES of CONVEYING VALUE to a chick during the PICKUP. If you want to be a PUA, there is usually NOTHING that you can’t usually do during the INITIAL interaction, that you couldn’t do over weeks of emails.

One GREAT way to do this was discussed in my “How to sarge, actually for real” post – where I discuss projecting value right from the opener, through the ball-busting, rapport, and kiss-close. See, when you project value in your OPENER, you are OFF ON THE RIGHT PATH. Then, when you BUST HER BALLS with PUSH/PULL (you’re my new GF… actually NO you aren’t.. wait, yes you are..  let’s get married.. no wait, we can’t), you project the value of being confident/funny/exciting/daring/flirtatious.. So ONLY THEN will she want to get to know you and start TRYING to get rapport with YOU.

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