The Comprehensive Ramblings of a PUA

It was with CPowles in mind that I sat up the other night, composing this text.  Composition time – four or five intense hours of frantic non-stop typing and brainstorming. CPowles speaks often of “the next level”, and has sought it out through exploration of ‘SP-Inner’ threads, and various other means.

It’s odd, given my strong philosophical background and training, that most of my PU-notes are firmly rooted in very practical terms. What follows, however, is more abstract, melodramatic, and generally incomprehensible, in comparison to a typical post. I enjoy writing, as well as discussion PU theory, as a hobby. I could easily edit it to a high level of readability, as with any of my academic work (I generally write tired as fuck, and turn to the task of editing when I wakeup). But given that I have no legit incentive to do so, and that I prefer to see what headspace I was in when I review my notes later on down the line, I’ve left it as is.

CPowles may very well disagree with what much of what I’ve written, which isn’t particularly my concern here. Through my exhausted haze, this is what spewed forth as what’s been the ‘next-level’ shit for ME in the past few months. An organization of my thoughts on what’s been working, for my own benefit, and for my later review. I’ve posted them here, for anyone interested in digging through them. If you decide to undertake the task of reading this, I’d recommend that you set aside an hour, and just let it soak in. Feel free to comment.

The post takes for granted the reader’s familiarity with the following:

Gunwitch Method – Gunwitch

Qualifying, push pull – Swingcat

Cocky/Funny Frames – Kooper

You will make a ‘nice new GF’ – Zan

Approach Invitations – Formhandle

Dissecting shit testing measures – TD

Setting traps – TD

Boyfriend destroyer material, parts I & II – TD

How to really PU, actually for real – TD

Anamolies – TD

I basically dumped my mind here. Now I’ve gone through and split it up into little bits. I’ve tried to keep the bits short so they might not even include whole sections.


A few months ago, in chat with TokyoPUA, the term “PU lab” was thrown around.  TPUA advised me that I should ANCHOUR the feeling that the WORLD is my pickup EXPERIMENT LAB, and that THAT was the key to getting GOOD. It was funny, because that was something that I’d done for a long time, but hadn’t really been able to devise such a clean way of articulating it.

Of all the reactions that I get when meeting people from our internet chat group, the most common is an utter shock at how unhesitant I am to try ANYTHING that I think could be even moderately funny or useful. For me, trying something absolutely outrageous is EXCITING, not SCARY.

They say “TD, you are fucking CRAZY”.

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