The Comprehensive Ramblings of a PUA, pt. 2


Because I live in, and project, my OWN REALITY. I am INTERNALLY centered, not EXTERNALLY centered.

Look at the PUA Mystery. The guy has been on the internet for years, but has barely absorbed one single damned thing that he didn’t invent himself. Of the few odd things from others that he DID absorb, he’s literally 100% CONVINCED that he made up HIMSELF. Certifiably DELUSIONAL. And YET, this guy is the absolute pickup MASTER. Does he piss people off with that attitude?? YES. But who gives a fuck??? While everyone else is moaning and groaning, he’s busy busting his load on the face the latest covergirl(s) of Penthouse Magazine, or whatever flavour of the week it is this time..

So what’s the KEY to seeing the pickup game CLEARLY??? Existing in YOUR

reality, and not the reality of OTHERS. Only then can you see things CLEARLY –

make adjustments, calibrate, innovate, experiment, etc etc etc…

Think back to when the name TylerDurden FIRST appeared onto this internet chat board back in late August… People were all in a fuss, like “who the fuck IS this guy???” Threads were popping up left and right, like “how did you get this good???” FUNNY THING WAS, that I didn’t post ANYTHING that was ANY better than what OTHER people were posting. My posts were AVERAGE at best. There was NO indication or statements from me that I was good. But many people ASSUMED success, because of my utter DISREGARD to the consequences of what was being posted. Note this, as most people intuitively associate people who are INTERNALLY CENTERED with SUCCESS.

When we’re fucking around on the internet, my homeboy EDDY and I post DUMB SHIT, like “WHITE DRAGON”, and “we are THE SHIT”, and ‘ARGHHHHH”, because we think its FUNNY to see the dumb-ass REACTIONS of other people living in OUR reality. It’s not something that we ARTICULATE, or CONSCIOUSLY even realize that we’re doing. But rather, a CONSEQUENCE of the MENTALITY that we take with us EVERYWHERE that we go. It is not intentional, but the consequence of an overall ATTITUDE.

But why post my pickup notes onto the internet in such RAW form??? Why not adjust them in a way that will garner praise, like respected posters (Juggler, Formhandle, etc)??? It wouldn’t be hard. And everyone would approve. So why not, then???

Because for me, its FUNNY to see the REACTIONS. If all I got was “this is really great”, and none of the GOOD STUFF, then I would LOSE MOTIVATION. My ATTITUDE is carried over into my internet postings, the same way that it’s carried over into the REAL external world.

When people post funny shit like “this is just so outrageously out of line”, and “I’m so disgusted”, and “I’m so outraged at your arrogance” onto the INTERNET, we think its FUNNY SHIT, because you are EXTERNALLY CENTERED and living in OUR REALITY, even through the INTERNET. While you are EMOTIONALLY BLOWN OVER, because you NEED TO GET YOUR REALITY BACK, we are UNAFFECTED. For a guy like Nerve1, for a recent example, that’s why he has to spend ALL DAY in discussions with Paps (a real life friend) about finding me (an internet text-projection on his computer monitor) and hurting me, and devoting his REAL LIFE time, sending some guy on the internet LENGTHY implied threat emails..

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