How to get Laid in the Next 30-60 Days (Part 1 of 3)

So heres the basics…

Have you ever seen the show “Bullshit” by Penn and Teller? If not, go check out Youtube or Google. It’s fantastic. Highly recommended is the one on absintence.

I’ve been watching a good bit of that show lately, because it’s well-researched as well as entertaining, which is rare. On one of the shows, they talk about diet supplements and fancy exercise gadgets and the rest. And they make a clear point – It doesn’t work. The only thing that works for getting healthy is good diet + exercise + generally mostly healthy lifestyle.

You can find lots of these gut-check type programs on dieting. There may be 10,000 “magic cures”, but there’s at least 5,000 “ok, it’s not easy, but here’s what really works…” reminders from good people.

And there really isn’t that for the community – until now.

Here’s my post on how to get laid in the next month or two. This post does not maximize your chances of “getting really good at pickup” – in fact, it does the opposite. I’m going to try to cut out as much “practice time” from you as possible, so you’re going to miss valuable opportunities to work on facets of your game. I’m going to try to just give you basic advice to get girls respecting you quickly, liking you, getting invested in you, hanging out with you, and then – you having sex. On the way, I’m going to glaze over intracicies that would let you get many more girls with practice, and take a lot of the theory out of this.

This will be grunt work.

Fun grunt work, but grunt work. If you do this, you’ll be getting laid soon. All of this will be simple, but most of this will be hard. Like diet and exercise, many if not most people will not be able to succeed at this. But if YOU want to have sex with a girl like you in the near future, this will let you do it. And YOU are capable of it. I believe so much in the power of the human spirit to accomplish anything. I believe in you.

We begin.

1. Enroll in a gym in the next 2-3 days. Do not sign a one year commitment. They’ll try to get you to. Smile, say you’re only going to be in the area one month right now, but you might do the commitment later. They’ll ask for 3x as much as they’d want per month with the commitment. Keep smiling, and telling them you’d like to pay the “good rate” without the commitment. Be very polite and enthusiastic. Eventually, they’ll barter down or come close.

2. Begin working out at least 3 times a week. I don’t really care what kind of exercise program you do, as long as you push iron and do it in a safe way. Make sure you get compound exercises into your program though, especially squats. Full body workout every time is probably the easiest at first while you’re learning, but I like splits better.

3. Redevote time in your life that you would spend on pickup materials educating yourself about diet and exercise. Start with this forum: It’s another online forum, so if you’ve been spending too much time reading here, it’s easier to spend too much time reading there than it would be to say, cut the ‘net down. So read there too much. Stay away from all their sections about supplements, and spend a lot of time learning about nutrition, doing the exercises correctly, and setting up your workout routines in a smart way.

4. Find an activity that you really like that’s damn interesting to yourself and that you think other people think is cool. Odds are you’ve already done one in your life and lost touch with it. If not, do that thing you’ve always thought about doing. It doesn’t matter if what you’re doing is actually “cool” or not – totally subjective – it’s just important you’re comfortable with it and like talking about it.

5. Go pick up a couple books IN PRINT about non-seduction social science. Synergistic stuff, on topics like diplomacy, management, or sales. A tried and true would be like Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People, more recent things that would be good would be something like Winning by Jack Welch or Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi. Stay away – for now – from books on seduction itself. When you’re reading something in a synergy field, you’ll be able to have epiphanies without any “pressure” to apply stuff that doesn’t make sense to you.

6. (but this really should’ve been #2) Go get clothes that are fit you well. That means very, very few men should even wear an American sized medium. In the USA, clothes are cut very large. Right now, I’m wearing an X-Small shirt, and I’m 5’10 170 lbs. Such is the American shirt. Get your clothes too small, not too big. Also get stuff that is reasonably cool. This has already been written about by me among others ad nauseum. Look in the fastseduction archives for “you must look to get laid” by me originally, and read the whole thread if you like. The whole thread is really excellent. Get the style under control.

Alright, the above is simple, non-seduction stuff that gets you the best chance to get laid. If you’re spending one hour a day reading internet pickup material, you could instead be spending 1 hour a day in the gym, 3 days a week. 1 hour a day, twice a week on your new hobby. And two days reading a book that will teach you without pressuring you to do something specific, or making you go against the grain for yourself.

Now, here is how you will approach and pick up girls:

For starters, if you’ve done the above – you’re going to be feeling more confident, acting a bit more aggressive, and naturally having a bit more to talk about. It’s a lot easier to pick up when you feel good about yourself and you have interesting things going on. Sure, you can learn how to fake like you’re interesting if you’re boring, but it’s actually HARDER and TAKES LONGER than becoming an interesting person.

No lie.

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