The PUA’s Hierarchy of Needs

Adopted from Maslow’s Theories. Every guy in the community strives to be great with women. But not every guy strives to be great in other parts of his life.

Some guys aren’t even decent in other parts. Growing from AFC to PUA is an organic process that involves improving all aspects of your life, and at the very least, having stability in them. For ease of reading, the most primitive (basic) needs are listed on top, and as you scroll down the page, you’ll see the more advanced ones.

Basic Life Needs

Money: You must earn enough money to not have to worry about the very basics, such as paying rent, paying bills, going out to eat, watching a movie, paying for parking, club entrance, and buying new clothes. The amount you spend and the frequency you do the above is up to you, but you must be financially comfortable in order to proceed.

Living Situation: Every PUA needs a proper seduction location. Most importantly it must be comfortable, both for you and the target. If you live with your parents, move out. If you share a room, get your own. If you have a messy apartment, hire a maid even just once or twice a month.

Health and Grooming: You have to be well groomed, no matter what you look like. This includes having a decent hair cut, being well shaven, smelling clean, etc. You must also at least be on your way to being in shape. The reason there are well known fat PUAs is because the ones that were, lost weight while improving their lives and PUA skills. It is never an advantage to be over weight.

Transportation: You need to have a way to get around. Unless you live in New York where the subway and cab system are superb. You need a car for your own daily life, to go out and meet chicks, and then to take the chicks out on a day2 after that. Sure you might be able to get by without one… but you’re still limiting your choices.

Inner-Game Needs:

Self-Worth: You need to be okay with yourself. Truly accept yourself. This means, being able to go out to eat alone. Looking into the mirror and being okay with whoever you see. Its great to want to continually better yourself, but you must also accept yourself each step of the way.

Self-Defense: You don’t need to be a martial artist, or super big. You just need to be able to take care of yourself if a situation arises. If you can’t even protect yourself, how are you going to be an Alpha male and protect the girl. Take a one day self-defense class, learn how to throw a proper punch, just be decent. You’ll need this to really feel comfortable sarging alone and handling AMOGs out in the field.

Social Needs:

Friendships: So even though you may have dropped all of your loser friends that were holding you back, you still to have a couple people in your life you can depend on and just hang out with and talk about things non-pick up related.

Social Circle: Its great to have a high value social circle. One that gives you social proof when you all go out in public together, or bring people into it. It can be all male even, but it would be better if it was co-ed or if the other guys in it always had girlfriends or girls around.

Female Friends: A lot of people lose sight of this one. While its true, every thing that you can do with a female-friend you can do with your guy friends for less money and stress, but there’s something about having girls in your life that you haven’t tried to sleep with that’s beneficial . Everyone should have at least one platonic female friend, and yes your pivot counts.

Esteem Needs: Respect and Recogoniztion from others, validation from women, and a sense of contribution to the comunnity is required to feel accepted and self-valued.

Higher Needs:

Cognitive Needs: humans have the need to increase their intelligence and thereby chase knowledge. Cognitive needs is the expression of the natural human need to learn, explore, discover, create, and perhaps even dissect to get a better understanding of the world around them. This is when a PUA starts really understanding social interaction.

Aesthetic needs: humans need beautiful imagery or something new and aesthetically pleasing to continue up towards Self-Actualization. Humans need to refresh themselves in the presence and beauty of nature and of women while carefully absorbing and observing their surroundings to extract the beauty that the world has to offer. This is when a PUA really starts apperciating Women and their beautiful, especially cross-culturally.


Self-actualization is the instinctual need of humans to make the most of their abilities and to strive to be the best they can. This is pick up artist mastery and reaching one’s fullest potential. Very few people reach this level, two percent to be exact.


Peak experiences are unifying, and ego-transcending, bringing a sense of purpose to the individual and a sense of integration, this is when a PUA no long needs women for validation, or the game, the game becomes them and they become naturals. Individuals most likely to have peak experiences are self-actualizing, mature, healthy, and self-fulfilled.

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