The Real Benefits of AMOG Destroyers

For the record, I think that this whole thing is fucking lame. I’m just glad that I understand it now.  I remember being back in high-school and having these assholes using shit like this on me, and I have to say that just understanding the format well enough to be able to out-alpha anyone is awesome (combined obviously with that I can remove their chicks from them, if not totally then at least get them obviously wanting to within around 1 minute which the AMOGS fucking hate).

I think that the main benefit is that you never have to feel like somebody in a public gathering is going to make you feel like shit or embarrass you, because you can cut them down faster and harder than anything that they can do to you.

The thing I really like about AMOG tactics actually, now that I’m back in North America and don’t have to use them much, is that you at least UNDERSTAND the FRAME that these guys are using.  So you have the CONFIDENCE that if something comes up for ANY reason, you can slam people hard.

It gives you the confidence to go into mixed sets and to dress outrageous.  I’ve really found that ever since I got down the AMOG blasters, my confidence has been up at a max level.

Understanding the frame also has insights in terms of social dynamics in general.  Like not qualifying yourself, etc..

Lastly, and most importantly I guess, is that I PEPPER this stuff in, combined with BEFRIENDING, so that the guy is sort of insecure a bit, and thus becomes VERY open to me befriending him, almost in the same way that chicks are open to rapport after C&F.  So befriending sets with guys becomes so much easier, just understanding the frame in general.

Like I had this black dude roll up on me and say about my bright silver shoes that I occassionally wear (that I think are cool, btw, and gets me thinking to type up a new peacocking posts) “man, I should wear those shoes.. I’d look like a million dollars”.. and I’m like “dude. a million dollars? C’mon man, don’t sell yourself short.. You’d look like a TRILLION dollars.. You’re the fucking shit man, c’mon”

This guy was a black L.A. player, and he knew instantly that I was a player also.  He was all “what’s up man” and brought me into a room where he was fucking 3 chicks (he was a MAJOR player) and hooked me up with them.  Like literally he served up the blondie to me like – “fuck her” (this after I gamed them up a bit with mini-cold reads and pushed them away).  I had to leave for workshop, so told them I’d come back, and then the next day while I was on my way out of the hotel, they approached me and gave me their phone #s, because the black dude accomplishment intro’d me.

All this, just because I knew the AMOG stuff and made a good impression.

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