Three Phase Model

Outline of my three phase model of seduction.

The three phases to any pick-up are:

  • ATTRACT: Make the girl feel attraction towards you
  • QUALIFY: Communicate that you are attracted to her
  • CONNECT: Get to know each other

Each phase has a particular aim, and it is usually easy to know which phase you are in. Doing things in the wrong phase messes things up. Knowing which phase you are in tells you what to do next. The phases do not overlap, and if you find yourself moving back a phase, you’re doing something wrong.

If you use canned material, you can group your routines according to which phase they are most effective in. If you don’t, this at least tells you what sort of spontaneous stuff to use, particularly in terms of Kino.

The idea is that this is a lot simpler than Mystery Method to learn, and to spot when you are in each stage. The stages are more relevant than the ancient ‘FMAC’, and kino is not a separate stage as in RSD’s 5-step seduction.

The Opener is incidental to the Attract phase, and Closing is incidental to the Connect phase. I think it’s important not to make a big deal of Opening or Closing. Talking to girls and getting their numbers should be an everyday occurance for you.

Three Phase Seduction applies equally to 5 minute pick-ups, same day lays, as it does to long term seduction of the hot babe you see once a week in a certain class.

ATTRACT is essentially running the opener, teasing her, other DHV stuff and fun physical kino. You’ll develope a sense for when she is attracted. Sometimes, it can be before you’ve said ‘hi’. Other times, it can take an hour of high octane routines, ignoring her, teasing her, putting her down.

QUALIFY is essentially building commonalities, cold-reads and proper compliments. You are communicating that there is chemistry between you, and that she has special qualities that you look for in a girl. Adopt her, tell her she has Three Smiles, give her the Trust Test, etc. A venue change, #-close, etc, would probably happen here.

CONNECT is the longest phase in a successful seduction. Once you’ve established mutual attraction, it’s just a case of getting to know each other. Connecting can be split into FIVE threads! These are the Physical, Emotional, Logical, Social and Creative threads. For a long-term girlfriend, you should nurture all of these threads. For a quick fuck, only the first is essential.

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