Tips For Handling PUA Competition

For me, when I see its GAME ON with the tug of war, I have key tools at my disposal:

1)  Unlike 99% of natural players, I know that the key to the target is her peergroup.  I befriend the obstacles and bring them ALL home together.  I literally TELL DIRECTLY to the obstacles to pull her friends off the competing players, because I like and want to date her friend so that way we can all be a happy family.

2)  I’m willing to sit in set and just chat the obstacles, while the players up the target’s buying temperature for me, and I wait for the perfect time to make my move.

3)  Out-alpha tactics, posted in “Some AMOG tactics” post I did a while back.

4)  Social proof and jealousy.  Unlike most players, I can walk into adjacent sets and blow them up, right in front of the girl I want.

5)  Tell the obstacles that I’m gay, and worried about the target, and that I want to be her new gay best friend and take her shopping, and I want to save her from that guy.  Then the friends push the girl on me and leave her alone with me, and the target has no idea what I’ve told the friends.  In cases where the target hears that I told the friends that I was gay, I just say either that I was joking, and then make out and hookup with the target, or I say they’re wrong, or they never said it.. Whatever.

6)  I throw up the BIGGER SHINY THING.  I’ll do a magic trick (I rarely use them, but I’ll use them and make the competing guy player be the guy I do the trick on). I have this one where I snatch a coin out of the guys’ hand, that’s not really magic that I learned at an MM Workshop.  It’s basic, but it works because you OWN the guy in front of the girl.  I also just plow them with stories or bring over other girls and introduce them, and then tell the pawn-girls I brought over to chat the guy, and then take my girl back.

Again, notice that I NEVER give up.  If I see a girl with her buying temperature up, I LOVE the challenge of competing against other players.  You see this in Leceister Square in London at the end of EVERY Friday and Saturday night.  The girls are walking around totally in state, and the player guys are coming up to them one by one until one of them pulls them.  Crazy shit. Anyway, this is a fun thing that I like to do, and I know most other PUAs aren’t doing this stuff.

I really encourage you guys to have no fear of approaching even 1guy/1girl two sets, and taking the girls.  You’d be surprised how often the two barely know each other.  Also, if you EVER and I mean EVER see natural players gaming up girls, never be afraid to go in and open ONLY the girls.

How do you know if its natural players?  Hahaha, well, I hate to say this, but 9 times out of 10, if the girls look like they’re having a good time (ie: they’re giggly or touching the guy alot), then it’s a pickup, NOT a boyfriend with his longterm girlfriend.  Why?  Because girls aren’t having fun if they’re with their LTR.  They usually only have fun with players.  haaa, sad but true.

So if you see girls all giddy, then its probably a pickup, and you can easily swoop in and play a little tug of war with the other PUAs.

It’s fun, and I often make friends with the other natural PUAs who I’m competing against.  In fact some of my friends I’ve met in the field are players whose girls I’ve taken home right from them, earned their respect, and now we hang out.

I have a ton more to say on this topic also, which maybe I’ll post someday or in addition to this.  Tug of war is something I do all the time, and I encourage you guys to give it a shot because its WAY easier than it looks.  It looks tough, but if you just use the principles you learn from ASF, you’ll find its in fact very easy.  Just ignore the social situation, and PLOW THEM FUCK OUT OF THE GIRLS WITH ROUTINES right in front of the guys.  Easy shit, and great for ONS.

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