Trying Out Routines

Routines/tactics have RANGES.  There are certain levels of arousal that a routine works best at. When internalizing a new peice, I “RANGE” it.  That is my process. I’ll say to Papa, “I’m ranging x-routine”. First sarge, I try it at x-buying-temperature.

Second sarge, I’ll try it at y-buying-temperature.

Third, another one.

I try it early, I try it late.  I see after several sarges how soon and how late I can run it.  Where is it ideally situated. This is not a TIME variation, because it can take different girls different amounts of time to reach a buying temperature. By doing this, I am reducing fielding time drastically.  I get the same level of intuition on a peice of material that would take most guys months to get, because I’m consciously testing it (aka “ranging” it).

How do I recognize something subtle like buying temperature level, though? There’s no way to readily verbally describe it.  There is only…….FIELD EXPERIENCE. This is why I’m able to venue change girls so rapidly, remove them from alphamales, or extract them from their groups.  I can  recogonize when they are at that level instantly, because I RANGED those acts, so I know immediately the second that they are ready.

Like an oven timer going off….. “bing”

E.g. HB: “you are lying to me”

AFC: “no, I’m not… I wouldn’t lie to you.. why am I lying to you?” (notice that he accepts frame at end)


Level 1: Insecure Reaction

Result: HB senses insecurity and suspects you are Beta, possible Eject, or you will have to work to make up for it

Yes and not only that, but more importantly (IME) is that she shut down your game by forcing you into a logical frame instead of an emotional one.

GAME = stimulating a girls emotions, thus disengaging logic, thus breaking dow her ability to stop you from escalating.

LOGIC = Anti-Game, thus she comes out of state



Level 2: Overly Anti-supplicative Reaction

Result: HB Senses insecurity, suspects you are Beta or worse Psycho, possible Eject

Yes I noticed that also. Girls fear betas and feel uncomfortable around them not because they are of lower status necessarily, but also because they know that they take the interaction TOO SERIOUSLY. Like, they’ll go home and think about it and take it the wrong way and misinterpret everything to have deeper significance. Girls are comfortable around alphas generally because they know that when you say “You’re my new GF” its FUN, and that you’ll forget about her 5 minutes later if nothing comes of it, anyway.


Level 3: NO Reaction – Result:

HB senses indifference, Alpha quality, has NO impact on sarge

Again, to me its not exclusively about being alpha.  It’s that indifference doesn’t give her the opportunity to shut your game down with logic. However it still IS about being alpha, in the sense that its about social value.  Act like someone of social value (generally an “alpha” anyway), and you’ll subcommunicate/telegraph that you were worth seeing, and that she made a mistake by blowing you off. I really like not answering girls (I do this ALL THE TIME) and ignoring what they say, and generally talking over them.



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