Ugly Girl Theory

This may come off as satirical, which perhaps it partially is. But OTOH is IS ACTUALLY true.

Alright, I’m absolutely positive that I’ve now cracked the code for enabling PUAs to get UGs (any girl under HB8) attracted to them.

This will be useful either for guys who cannot find a non-substandard chick to get with in their vicinity but are addicted to
sex, or for guys who are trying to get social proof with UGs prior to engaging WORTHY TARGETS (be it in bars, or for whatever reason, this is actually an EXCELLENT way to get social proof, before you SWITCH GEARS on your target)

Or maybe guys who think its funny to attract UGs.

One of the most common phenomenon that experienced PUAs have noticed is that the UGs hate them. David DeAngelo jokes about how he can’t initiate chats with UGs without getting shot down, and most of the best PUAs I’ve met can’t seem to find a way to chat with UGs.

My thoughts on this, is that its because “likes” are typically attracted to “likes”.

Before ASF, I had no probs at all meeting and dating HB7s, but since I’ve studied to become a PUA they seem to really hate me. I seem to set off their LSE alarm.

The SOLUTION, is to realize that if you are a PUA, chances are that you CONVEY VALUE to a HB7 just by gracing her with your presence! :)…. Snobby, yep. But go test it and YOU’LL SEE.

So as far as “likes” go, just look at many of the PUAs on our board:

PRE-ASF: their attractiveness to a girl = 5-7
POST-ASF: their attractiveness to a girl = 8 -10

Now they’ve become the MALE EQUIVALENT of a HB8-10. IOW, they emit the AURA of a high quality guy.


When you roll up on an UG, instead of using any kind of fascinatingconvo/openers/techniques/patterns/games/C&F/ANYTHING, just say things such as:

-“it is sure busy in this place”
-“what is there that is interesting to do around here”
-“I work as an accountant. It is pretty cool.”
-“it is so hot out lately. I like this weather.”
-“wow, it sure is late. I don’t normally stay out this late”
-“where do you work?”
-“my cat is really cute. I miss my cat.”

This is to be said with MONOTONE INFLUXTION. Like you are a SERIOUS LOSER.

The effect is that your PUA vibe will gel with your simulated loserness, and turn you back into your former HB7 equivalent self, therefore able to interact and engage with low calibre women once again!!


I actually field tested this easily over 30 times now, and I DEMONSTRATED it to Twentysix and No9 at the club last night. I had the whole group of UGs crowded around me! I literally did it like I was HALF ASLEEP, and Twentysix and No9 were sitting around me laughing their heads off practically crying.. Meanwhile the UGs were absolutely enthralled.

Twentysix field tested it right in the middle of a set, he’s going along with his STRONG GAME, and right in the middle he goes “it-is-sure-busy-in-here-tonight”

I’ll break it down into chick categories next post.

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