Useful Tips On Phase Shifting

There were some guys confused over how to convert attraction/trust into tonguedowns/phaseshifting, etc.. particularly within the C&F context.

Aside from GWM (which I think is the best laid out description of a phase shift), here are a few comments that mesh well with the C&F frame.

This stuff is useful for fool’s mate (if you want to get it on alot in the venue, and extract her based on horniness), or for solid game you be the one to stop it and say “wew.. OK that’s enough” before she can, so she still takes you seriously – not as a “club makeout guy”.  The reason I mention that is that if you don’t extract same night, sometimes non-party girls will be less inclined to meet up day2, with guys who they acted “not like themselves” around the night before.  For me, I find that the more “real” and “true to her real self” a girl is the night you meet, the less likely she to flake, because she doesn’t feel weird having to live up to a personality that only exists inside of a club.  Then you get her act like that later when she’s alone and its too late.

Anyway, guys have different tactics.  Here’s the stuff that I like to use.  If guys have other ones, I’d love to hear them.

A few moves:

1)  Shoulder push / back turn around move:

When she’s giggling hard, say “go away” or “stop making me fall in love with you” or “awff!… (or) ooohh!..”, etc etc (depending on what the frame of your ongoing C&F stuff is), and do the following:

Push her right shoulder with your right hand, and then turn away to your left.

It’s the same as a standard “turn your back on her”, except that you push her away then do it.

The move here is that you’re pushing her with your right hand, and turning to your left, so its a natural movement (when you push her with your right hand, your body turns left), and she is also pushed in the direction where she’s still semi-facing you because of how you pushed her, so she’ll be inclined to jump back on you.

What will happen (if you used it as a CraigSD220 style C&F Accentuator, where you use it at a point of high giggliness so she’s not logical), is that she’ll jump back on you reflexively.

This is like a magnet.  You push, she’ll start grabbing you.

It’s very similar to a stripper giving a lap dance, rubbing her breasts in the guys’ face, and then pushing him back in his chair.  Like she’s SO CLOSE, but then she pushes him back.  Or how they do it with their foot.  They get so close, and then kick him back in his chair.  Like they’ll grab the guy’s tie, and pull him close… then push him away.

There’s more to be said on this. I’ll write another couple of posts on it.

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