The Power of Good PUA Routines, pt.2

You might not always need to use routines. MANY chicks will view you as having higher value, just because you approached confidently and didn’t appear to be trying too hard.  If she already likes you right off the approach, and you proceed to manipulate her emotions too competently, she’ll assume “Player”, and even though she’ll be wetter than wet, she still won’t go for the close.

I’ve even had girls blurt out “I’m not going to sleep with you!!!” out of NOWHERE, just because I was pumping them through states so fast, that they can’t think straight.

I’ll get chicks who remember me by name months after 2 minutes of flirting where I wasn’t even sarging.  The other day, my buddy was in the movie store and heard these chicks I flirted with for 5 minutes in the St. Laurent mall two weeks ago saying “remember that TylerDurden guy from last week, with the tall boots.. OMG that guy was sooo hot.. oh I wish he’d come back”.. and by my recollection, these were girls who started giggling and turned away from me, when I was flirting with them.. The reason being that I was TOO FAST at putting them in state, so I snapped the line by reeling it in too fast and they couldn’t take it.  Even though it was validating to hear that, I still left with D.I.H (dick in hand)..

So what you’ll get are girls who LOVE you, but won’t let you close, because they KNOW that you’re too good to be genuine.  They know that you’re FAKE, or at least that you have laid so many chicks that they wouldn’t feel special.

Of course with PARTY CHICKS this is FANTASTIC and they LOVE/APPRECIATE a guy who will do this, and use them and throw them to the side of the road, but the majority of chicks I want aren’t party chicks.

Also, a big thing for me is that the SECOND I see or hear something funny, I walk over to the nearest chick and try saying it to her.

Like with the “C&F lines from movie Shanghai Knights” post.. I saw the movie, and internalized the lines immediately.. I do this all the time.

I’m not a routines based PUA, but I have a set response to EVERY situation that I could ever be in.  Whatever the girls say, I have a better answer.  If they say “are you well off financially?” I say “yeah I am.. but I won’t be for long, because my penis reduction surgery is going to clean me out..” (MadDash).. if they say “what’s your name” I say “guess.. Brad Pitt.. I’m just trapped in an ugly guy’s body.. I’m trying to bust out of it”..

If I don’t have a better answer, I immediately say “WTF?”, and go straight to my wingmen or ASF to ask what I could have said that was better.. That’s rare nowadays though, because I understand the STRUCTURE of a good/better answer, and I can make it up on the spot.

So I’ll have set stuff that I know will get chicks to isolate themselves, or to make them not flake, or to pass shit tests.. WHATEVER.

I’ll also have routines for all of the above criteria.. but these change practically every other week.. I get sick of routines after around a couple weeks of use, and the new stuff from my life starts getting incorporated.

Have you read any of Juggler’s Archive at all?

He talks about MAKING STATEMENTS and getting rapport.  This, and GUNWITCH METHOD are basically the CORE of your sarge.  Routines and C&F are just to gain initial attraction or acceptance from a group.. or to elicit a desired emotional response from a sarge that isn’t as warm as you’d like.

The only reason that I post alot of routines and C&F is because its something that I’m very good at, and because GWM and Juggler have already discussed the more important stuff at LENGTH, so it wouldn’t be new material for me to post that I’m doing the same stuff as they are (I don’t want the board to keep going in circles, so I usually just post stuff that is new)

Just remember though, that you can make up TONS of new routines every day that you’re in field, just by thinking about your life, and extracting the events/thoughts/convotopics that would get a desired emotional response from a chick.

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