Using the Power of Jealousy in a Sarge

Insights from hanging with Mys this weekend.  Building jealousy into a sarge.

At a certain point in the sarge of an elite level girl in a public venue, you will be concerned about keeping her on her toes.  This is because elite level hot girls have many many options, so you need to really get to them.

A solution to this is to build JEALOUSY into the sarge.


1 –      DEMONSTRATE)  Once you have established attraction, have a girl come by and sit on your lap.

2 –      CONVEY)  Accidentally mention that you can’t make it for certain plans because you bumped into a certain girl from the past.  Say this in a way that you dont’ APPEAR to be TRYING to convey this, but are doing it accidentally.

PUA:  “Actually I can’t make it for then/tommorow/whatever.. I bumped into a……. person….. and I told them that I’d meet them for then/tommorow/whatever..”

HB:  “Oh yeah?”

PUA:  “Yeah… I told her x-time, and I don’t want to break it..”

(The keys here are INITIALLY using the words “person” and “them”, to appear to be initially avoiding bringing up that its a chick)

The key point is that jealousy is a strong emotion.

KEY however is to elicit that emotion at the EXACT PERFECT TIME.  Too early, and its lame.  Too late, and its so hurtful that she comes out of state.

Elicit jealousy at the right time.


SOCIAL PROOF TRICKS: (good for seducing chicks that LJBF’ed you, re-seducing exGFs, and “non-compliant HBs” as I so like to call them)

1)     #Closing girls that only YOU know will be flakes (target proximity = close, within earshot): Most people think that a #close is as good as gold.  After all, “Why would she have given a # if she wasn’t interested in you?!”  Of course, PUAs know all to well that most 2-minute #closes are flakes, but that’s just from experience. Most people assume that they’re solid, quality numbers. How to handle difficult girls then?  Start #closing every HB that passes by.  Engage her in a pleasant and exciting 2 minute convo., and #close.  Your target will think that you’re a mack.


2)      Applying heavy kino on pawns (target proximity = distant, out of earshot): Most people think that you can’t apply heavy kino on a girl who’s not somewhat sexually engaged.  Not true.  To bait your actual target, tell her “I MUST go over and meet that beautiful girl over there.”  Approach your pawn, and tell that you just proposed to your GF, and are just so excited to have met your soulmate.  Then, once the pawn’s guard is down, start making excuses to kino her (anything).  Grab her hands, and tell her you’re so excited about your engagement, “can you feel my energy.. ooooh give me a hug!”


3)      Find an HB9-10 and tell her directly: “Hi, listen, I know this sounds chicken, but I get -really- shy around girls.  I -really- like this girl, I know she’s not the prettiest, but I just really like her anyway…she’s really special (get her thinking you’re sweet and shy, turn her into your nurturer).  I just get so nervous around her, its like you feel (run pattern about how nervous you get, to gain instant rapport, and to make it exciting for your helper), but if I just could just walk in there with a girl like you, I’d feel so much more confident.  It would help me like SO much.”

Then tell her directly to ham it up, make it fun for her, like acting.  It’ll be the most fun part of your helper’s day if you do it properly.  She’ll enjoy it, and she’ll feel good helping out such a sweet guy to find romance.

It is sometimes difficult for guys who are less than 7s in looks themselves to PU 9s and 10s without social proof.  I suggested doing whatever you need to get it, and what I suggested is thoroughly FIELD TESTED.

If your persuasion skills are not adequate to get a pawn to agree to something so trivial, good luck getting your actual target to agree to have sex with you.

Have you PU’ed any HB9-10s yet?  Just because you don’t post here often doesn’t make me think that you don’t.  I’m just curious to see if your comment is ‘theoretical’.



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