Tips On Phase Shifting, pt. 2

Here are some more ideas:

2)  Kino-ping escalation moves:

Girls will start increasing buying temperature (logic is being disengaged), and it will be obvious.  They will do things like hitting you.  This is kino-pinging, and it escalates attraction.

Basically, either way until she hits you (its a tap, not hard) or pushes you, and then push her back.  She’ll usually push back harder.

Or, OTOH, if you sense that she’ll bite, do it to her first, and she’ll push back.

Something that I’ve noticed is that you want to be the one to end the kino-pinging first.  Sense the escalation, as she pings more enthusiastically, and if it drops then you stop first and turn around to move away from her.

Again, stripper style shit.  Very high sexual subcommunications going on with this kind of stuff.  It’s the kind of stuff that most girls wished that guys knew, and the kind of stuff that gets them aroused fast.  My girlfriend and I still do this stuff before we have sex, and it decreases physical foreplay time drastically.

Of course, another word for this is “playful”.

3) Moving closer in move:

As you keep pushing her away, she’ll be trying to get closer and closer.  Keep pushing her away, but she’ll try to get closer to you progressively.  Start talking like forehead to forehead, both smiling and its very sexual, moving back and forth a bit, pulling back but she keeps the contact, and then you push forward.  Keep up the STRIPPER frame of “you can’t have me even though I’m so close and baiting you, blah blah”.

So maybe you’ve pushed her away, with “hands off the merchandise, that’ll be 30 bucks” type stuff, or just pushing her away with the whole she’s a sexual predator type frame.  She’s trying to get closer and closer to you, and you start smiling pushing her away with your head or nose.  Turn away once in a while, and she’ll keep trying to come back.

For an example, watch a good stripper in action, you’ll see how they do it.

Good strippers are very good at sexual subcommunication.

4) Triangular gazing + go in close + head tilt + takeaway move:

If you’re not familiar with “triangular gazing”, I think its a very important concept. “triangular gazing”, or read the first chapter in Leil Lowdes “How to make anyone fall in love with you” (HORRIBLE book for game, but has great stuff on EC, triangular gazing, and useful stuff for the QUALIFY phase of a PU.. the whole book is basically how to qualify, so if that’s an SP then there could be useful info).

As for the takeaway thing, go in close, triangular gaze so she’s licking her lips, tilt your head, go in, and push her away.

More stripper style stuff.  Ramping attraction.

5)Physical push/pull:

With stuff like the spin-kiss, you can spin her and pull her in, and then push her away.  Or place your hands out palms up (she’ll ALWAYS take them if she’s into you), and then pull her in close, and tilt head, smile, look down at her lips, and push her away.  Or try taking one step back with one foot, placing your arms in the air slowly (so she doesn’t flinch) and open your fingers so she can interlock them.  If she’s into you, she’ll place her hands in the air and interlock her fingers with yours (if you are at a place in your game where you don’t get this reaction, then I’d suggest that you are either too eager, not playful enough, or not increasing buying temperature enough, because if a girl is into you then it should be an automatic reaction that if you place your hands out for her to take them, that she does.. same goes for jutting out your arm for her to take it so you can extract).

Once she has her hands in the air with yours, and fingers interlocked, drop your hands in 180 half circles so they’re down at the bottom now, and pull her in.  If she says “what’s this?” say (credit Mys) “that’s the subtext (or subtitles, whatever). we’re not supposed to talk about it..”  Then pull her in close, and push her away.

6) Cheek Move (from Croatian Badboy):

If you go in for tonguedown, and she dodges, run kisses off to the side of her mouth, like 5-10 from the side of her mouth, up to her ear, and then BACK to her lips.

(make sense?  this is hard to describe in text)

7) Keeping power position line, pre-emptively stealing her validation frame (also from Croatian Badboy):

For some girls, once they kissed you they stop wanting you because they’ve gotten the validation that you stole from them with the C&F stuff.

To keep it, try “You know, its not you.. I just like the feeling I get from this.. It makes me feel re-validated from a mean girl who used me before.. like you’re trying to do now.. go away, stop trying to make me fall in love with you.. blah blah” type stuff.

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