What You Need to do to be a Successful PUA, pt. 1

There’s a lot to this, so it might take me a couple of posts to get it out of my mind and onto the page.


  • Going out 4 days a week, minimum, for at least 2 hours a night, preferably 3 or 4.  You are more comfortable in a club talking to strangers, than you are in everyday life.
  • Internalizing a new peice of material every night, and “ranging” it (figuring out at what buying temperature it is most effective, and figuring out the sequencing)
  • Learning a tight REPEATABLE 20 minute sequence that can work EVERY TIME, from opener to #close
  • Doing vocal change work, to learn to project your voice properly and to wield a range in tonality that makes everything sound $$$ (this is an INSTANTLY attractive quality to girls, both with fluctuation, resonation in the frontage areas and in the chest – depending on whether you’re running a set or phase shifting)
  • Learning to #close and practising phone game every day -> calling at least one chick a day, even a flake, and running a good half hour of phone game on her
  • Learning to venue change every girl that you approach, until you can convince 90%+ of girls to at least lock arms with you french promenade style, and move somewhere else in the club with you, or go to another store in the mall, etc..

Basically practising venue changing every girl you game, until you know the

buying signs that she’ll agree to it

  • Learning to phase shift, by attempting to tongue down every single girl that you approach, until you have all of the slow down sexual projection stuff down tight, and possibly a routine such as the Evolution Phase shift or “I’m trying so hard not to kiss you right now” or “Would you like to kiss me” or something like that
  • Learning to get permission to isolate your desired girl from their friends, until you can consistently isolate

-***Writing down EVERY single funny thing that you ever said in a pickup, so that you can attempt to re-use it later, until you have a wealth of humour that goes so deep that you can keep a girl laughing for a good 10 hours if necessary, and having enough stories about your life that WORK (ie: ALL the sequencing is worked out), and games and routines, to last 10 hours

  • Testing every conversational split, until you find one that works for you.

Does it work best at 80% you talking and 20% her, or 50/50, or what?

Determining what types of girls will be more receptive to which type.

  • “Ranging” all kino tricks, until you learn to run kino like a pro.
  • Having a game plan for every self esteem level of girl, and personality profile, so that you can calibrate instantly
  • Reading Art of Seduction by Robert Greene, and identifying what seducer persona you could best adopt, and calibrating your material to be congruent with that image.  Working out things that you’ll say and do that make you STAND OUT.

That’s all I can do now. I’ll finish this up next time.

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