Women’s Secrets Revealed

Women are repressed by men, and so must look out for themselves. They will take care of:

1)            Their own sexual needs.

2)            The sexual needs of anyone in the secret society.

3)            The sexual needs of the few males who make the secret society possible (“players”).

The secret society is what allows women to appear wholesome and allows them to screen for a long term provider/emotionaltampon.

Women hold off to find the perfect boyfriend, while sleeping with a guy who is likely sleeping with all of their friends, and their friend’s friends.

They also fuck their gay boyfriends or jerk them off or give them head. They’re part of the secret society too, so they can’t be left out.

LESSONS FROM SECRET SOCIETY INSIDERS (based on dozens of interviews I did over the summer, with girls in London England, as well as some from my own experience as a player):

1)            If you tell a girl that you’re gay, and that you want to “see what it feels like to be with a girl”, she’ll sleep with you. She won’t insist on using a condom either, unless you do. You’re part of the secret society, where condoms aren’t necessary because they are logical entities and not emotionally relevant.

2)            If you subcommunicate that you are a part of the secret society, and tell the friend of your target “I’m really lonely. My girlfriend cheated on me, and I need to re-validate myself tonight”, she’ll tell her friend to fuck you. Her friend will realize from this that you are a part of the secret society, and she’ll fuck you. Moreover, if the friend refuses, the ugly girl will offer you a blowjob to help you out.

3)            If you manage to verbally subcommunicate that you are a member (it’s still subcommunication, because the verbal ways you communicate it aren’t direct at all), the secret society members will gladly tell you all about their sexual exploits and adventures. As soon as you subcommunicate that you desire romance, she will immediately retract all of her previous statements (and she’ll look completely congruent doing so), and downplay them that it was something she did just one time and that she’s looking for a relationship.  PUA: “I love to go out and hook up.  I hate it when girls try to run my life”.. HB: “Me too.. I hooked up with guys all last year.. My boyfriend tried to control me, but I do what I want.. My girlfriends all do it too.”  PUA: “Really?  Cause to be honest, I’ve always felt like I’m a romantic guy.. And girls always cheat on me.. I want to find a girl who won’t cheat.”  HB: “I would never cheat.  Guys are dogs.  I’m always loyal.”  PUA: “But didn’t you say…” HB: “No, I said nothing.”  PUA: “No, you said that you don’t let your boyfriend control you and you do what you want.”  HB: “No, I didn’t mean that.  I’m not a slut.  I have no idea what you’re talking about, I didn’t say that.”

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