You guys are a couple? That’s so cute. You guys are so similar looking, it’s like you’re brother and sister. Oh MAN – if you guys have kids they’ll come out like (I put my hands on the side of my face and make flipper motions and squeaky noises, pretendin

Includes TD waffling about GF:

Out-alpha’ing guys is a fast way to convey value. It’s like stereotypical male fantasy of wishing that they could slay the dragon or save a girl from harm. Why is that? It’s because they may have balls of steel, but they don’t know how to CONVEY it fast. This sort of thing helps you to do that. Also, it’s so important to have this stuff down in clubs, because there are always guys trying to lower your status to elevate theirs. So being savvy of the subcommunication that’s going on in between alpha guys is really key in social gatherings.It’s also so key, because it gives you the confidence that you’re the coolest guy in the venue. You know that you’re in control of your situation, and you won’t have to resort to qualifying yourself and getting into long winded debates, with other guys that try to mess with you. Anyway, I’ll post more on this later. So on to the outing report.I get a phone call from another one of my ex-girlfriends’ ex-boyfriends.This is the guy that I “stole” my ex-girlfriend from. I slept with her while they were still together, and she dumped him supposedly for me (debatable). Then we stayed together for a while.So its funny, because this guy had read ASF prior to breaking up with his girl, in passing. He knew who I was, and was like “WTF???? TYLERDURDEN FROM ASF STOLE MY GIRLFRIEND???? AM I GOING TO F*CKING WAKE UP FROM THIS???”Man, you’ve gotta see the humour in this. Like imagine if you guys got your girlfriend stolen by Maniac_High or something, after you’d read the site.Anyway, he’s a good guy. Just a decent guy who loved his girlfriend and wanted to make her happy, kind of like what I was back in my AFC days when I lost my 2 year GF to some dude who was more alpha than me. And like me, he was broken up by it for around a year.So I decided to start taking him out regularly, to let him watch me work and give him some tutoring. It’s very cathartic for me, because I feel alot like I’m talking to myself 2 years ago. Like as if I could go back in time and help myself to “pop the blue pill”, and escape the depression and whatnot. This guy could be good, too, with time. He’s decent looking, tall, and intelligent (hence he had a cute GF, who I took from him). He just needs material and some practice with C&F and 25-points type stuff.What followed tonight was a real eye-opener for him, and also reminded me of what it’s like to be on the other end of the cheating equation.We arrive at the club around midnight. I walk with him up to one of the bartenders, and try to game her up. I get her laughing, but I do poorly on the follow up. I over-teased a bit, and felt kind of stupid. I re-gained her interest by telling her that she looks like she belongs in NYC (to compensate for overnegging), and then eject while it’s still good because I don’t feel like trying to backpedal.I walk over to a different bar at the other end of the venue, where there is a smoking hot bartender and a pretty cute girl who is surrounded by 4 guys. They are the only set on our side of the bar. The venue is slow tonight, which suits me fine because I really only need 1 or 2 girls to have a full night, unless I am conducting a workshop or testing new material/ideas or something.We sit down on the bar stools, where we’ll spend the rest of this report.The main AMOG is a big f*cker. He’s wearing his rugby team shirt, and he’s a natural. The girls dig him.The bartender is telling the AMOG’s 5-set about how everyone thinks that her breasts are fake, but they’re really real, etc., etc… She’s qualifying herself, which surprises me because this girl has no need. She probably wants the AMOG.I yell over:TD Don’t be embarrassed.. Implants will give you buoyancy when you’re swimming. If we were all lost at sea, you’d be the only one to survive..HBBartender hahahhaha. THEY’RE NOT FAKE!TD Sure.. Um yeah, cool..AMOG Hey! Don’t insult my girlfriend! (I can tell he’s playing Mr. Coolguy AMOG, and that he’s not her boyfriend.)TD You guys are a couple? That’s so cute. You guys are so similar looking, it’s like you’re brother and sister. Oh MAN – if you guys have kids they’ll come out like (I put my hands on the side of my face and make flipper motions and squeaky noises, pretending the kids will be inbred retarded)HBBartender (and whole set) hahahhahahahhahaha…AMOG What? Shut the f*ck up or I’ll smash your face in.TD LOL.. Whoa. Dude man, I’m turning back around. This whole corner of the bar is yours man. You rule this territory. You’re like the alphamale of this joint man – CARRY ON.. (I flick him off with a dismissive wave, as I turn my back on him, on my barstool, and talk to the guy I’m out with).HBBartender hahahahhahahahhaha..(I chat my friend for a minute, as the bartender comes over and starts touching me and shit.. the girl from the AMOG’s set is also staring at me, while I’m actively ignoring all of them and just chatting my friend, to make it look like we’re just two old friends out on the town, having a drink to catch up… Then the AMOG comes over and puts his arms around me and my friend, to out-alpha us).AMOG Hey, you guys are cute. I want to buy you a drink, man. (it’s condescending to out alpha me)TD A drink? Holy shit dude, you’re like the nicest guy in this whole place Man, THANKS.. YO, this guy wants to buy me a drink! (I yell this a few times for everyone to hear, so he looks stupid.. they all laugh at him)AMOG Yeah, I’m calling him cute.TD OMG man. You’re cute too. I love your nipples (poke him). Man, you can roll with me any time.(Now everyone is laughing at him, and he’s not too happy. He’s touching me more and more, to regain status. I’m laying back like I don’t give a f*ck, and then I jump out from under his arm, slap him on the back, and go “Whoa big fella.. easy now..” and turn my back on him and re-engage the guy I came with).Out of nowhere, the girl from the AMOG’s set crawls up on his back, and peeps over at me from over his shoulder. She looks like a little 5 year old, peeping over her dad’s shoulder.TD You look like a little puppet, peering over at us like that. It’s so funny.HB hahahhaha.. WHAT? I’m a PUPPET?TD Yeah. Or a powerpuff girl (I haven’t used the powerpuff girl line in months.. nice to bring the back old school on this HB)..HB ahahhaa.. which one?TD Bubbles..HB hahahahaa… What’s your name?AMOG (cuts in, probably thinking “How the f*ck is this guy doing this??”) This guy is cute. I tried to buy him a drink (trying to out-alpha me).TD Yeah, I’m thinking of going home with this guy. I can’t resist a big teddy bear like him. He’s so cuddly, and he touches me alot which I really like. Look at his big arms (I squeeze his arms).HB hahahaha..TD Yeah, but you know what? Really, the real sexual predators are GIRLS.. Girls are sexual predators.. OK, get this. Girls are the only ones with ONE BODYPART, that’s designed for nothing other than sexual pleasure.HB hahahahaAMOG Hey, you can’t talk about this to my girlfriend.TD Hey man, this may be your girlfriend, but she’s MY little sister.. (I turn from him to the girl). You know what? You’re lucky I even let you go out with her, man. If I wasn’t going home tonight with this big teddy bear, I’d adopt you. You could be my new little sister.HB (jumps on me and kinos me). OMG, I would LOVE that..TD Yeah, I would wrap you up in a little bubble wrap envelope. I’d pack you in my suitcase and you could squish all the bubbles. I’d bring you to LA with me to hang out, so you wouldn’t have to live in this sh*tty weather.HB OMG OMG OMG.. YES! DO IT!(AMOG is feeling deflated.. I have so many IOIs because I’m using a bit of party style game on her, in terms of the high impact lines I’m using.. He feels the lack of attention from his girl)AMOG Hey, are you going to adopt me too?TD Dude, be quiet, I’m talking about sexual predators.. Now where was I? Oh yeah.. Girls are the only ones with one bodypart just for sexual pleasure.HB hahahhahaTD Yeah, and on that bodypart, there are ten times more nerve endings than anything that a guy has..HB hahahaha..TD That’s why when girls have sex, they go “AWWWWW… OOHHHHH”.. and guys are like “ummmm yeah, this is cool”HB hahahahahahahahahah (dies laughing) IT’S TRUE! Girls are sexual predators! OMG, I can’t believe you know that!AMOG Wow, this guy is smart..TD Thanks bro. Man, I love compliments. Its definitely ON between us tonight, dude.HB hahahaha..TD Check this out. My friend showed me this earlier today. This rocks. Get a coin out (I start running the coin-snatch trick).As f*cking USUAL, and I see this ALL THE TIME with AMOGs – he steals the coin out of my hand. BUT, because I have the IOIs, I just say “Hey, my boyfriend is feeling a little insecure. Get the coin back from him.” and I turn my back on her. Because I’ve turned my back, she feels the loss of the takeaway and starts SCREAMING at the guy to give it back. He looks like an idiot, having to give it back. btw, in cases where this happens *before* I have the IOIs to make her scream at him to get it back, I just pump a bunch of mini-cold-reads and teases in a row, to get her buying temperature up fast, and then ask. She’ll do it. In this case, I have buying temperature already, so I just tell the girl what to do, and turn around and smirk to the guy who came with me, whose jaw is dropped, gaping at how I’ve structured this. She pulls me and tugs me to turn back around, and I run the coin snatch basic trick.HB OMG OMG OMG OMG… That was SO FAST..TD You’re awesome.. I love how you laugh at all my jokes and you make me feel like I’m the sh*t.. I want to hang with you all the time.. Actually, I know I never will, because its a bar-thing, but I felt the emotion of wanting it for one brief second back there, nonetheless..HB NOOOOOOO, you have to hang with me, blah blah..TD No no.. Your boyfriend here can take care of you. Look at this guy. He’s super nice. He even tried to buy me a drink. You could get drinks from this guy, and he’d call you 10 times a day and worship you and always seek your approval. Plus, look how cute he is. And look at his arms. (I squeeze his arms).AMOG Oh, thanks man.. You’re cute too (not good enough of a comeback, so she’s still focused on me).TD (I roll my eyes at the girl like “let’s go” girl eyecode, and she nods to me in understanding).AMOG (whispers into my ear) Dude, this girl is from Perth (45 minutes away). She doesn’t live here. You won’t get her.TD (ignoring the comment) You know, I have an intuition about you. You’re from Perth, aren’t you? That’s the feeling I get.HB HOLY SHIT! HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT????AMOG I *told* him..TD Umm yeah. HB, it was actually intuition. Watch. Picture a number on a blackboard, from one to four. Picture it, picture it, picture it…. OK….. THREE.HB OMG OMG OMG.. How did you do that???AMOG He guessed..TD Yeah, cool man.. Anyway, keep picturing the black board.. Picture a number from one to ten.. Picture it, picture it, picture it…….. SEVEN.HB AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH (screams)(she now believes that I could tell that she was from Perth on my own, and thinks that the AMOG is lying to her)TD I’ll teach you that sometime. It’s easy to learn, but not many people know it. Everyone has it in them.HB OMG.TD I’m trusting you more now. But I still see that predator thing on your face. I’m going to trust-test you. (run trust test, and fail her even though she does decent.. I slap her hands away and tell her to ‘go away’, as she keeps her hands there like a puppydog trying to take another shot.. she gets it good, and then I put her hands on my thighs, and she keeps them there as I lean back in my chair – good IOI).I then run the teddybear lap tactic thing on her, and she jumps off me and shrieks. She whispers in my ear “You can’t do that with them here.. Don’t do that right now..” I’m surprised. I’ve never had that trick fail even once. Instead of worrying, I just plow through, and figure to try again later, once buying temperature is up (although I’m surprised, because all of my intuitions were telling me that she was high enough to sit on my lap).TD I run around 5-6 humour stories, including bad ass little kid story, rollerblading story, and commonalities story (money routine I invented and will post later because it could use improvements – very comfort building style, but in the form of a DHV).The AMOG is constantly trying to be invasive, and I just keep either rolling my eyes at him and continuing, or out-alphaing him with the basic stuff that I was using before. On a few occasions over the next hour he gets in a few good ones, but it’s like 10-1 in my favour, so I suck up all the IOIs from him within seconds, every time.He’s frequently telling me what to do. Ordering me around. “Dude, come dance.”, “Man, show this girl something.”, “Guy, treat me/her/whoever with respect”. I’d constantly say sh*t like “Easy tiger.. C’mon man, you’re too cute to get angry”, and sh*t like that. Or I’d completely ignore him, and be very dismissive. He couldn’t get an inch, and EVERYONE around us was very aware of it. He probably thought to himself “How is this little sh*t doing this??”Anyway, at this point the HBs *actual* boyfriend comes over, and he’s friends with the AMOG. He starts making out with the HB I’ve been gaming, and the AMOG is like “See man, there’s her boyfriend”. She comes over and whispers “He’s lying. Neither of them are my boyfriends.” She repeatedly nods her head and whispers “Lying”, whenever anyone mentions that she has a boyfriend, even though she has made out with this guy and it is very obvious that it is her boyfriend.Haaa!! So that’s why she jumped off my lap. It was a social thing, not a buying temperature thing. She doesn’t want AMOG telling her boyfriend anything. Makes sense. That’s why she’s put her hands on my legs and keep them there (good IOI test, to see if she’s ready for more).Also, what’s interesting here, is that my main goal in this set is to get social proof in front of the hot hot hot bartender. She’s the one I really want. The HB in my set is pretty cute also, but the bartender stands out more. She’s looking over on my set, with great interest. She’s coming over and sitting near me all the time, giving me proximity-IOIs. I have conveyed alot of personality to her, obliquely, as she has watched this set.Also of note, is that every time that the HB from the set that I am gaming turns to her set to talk to them, I turn my back on them back to the guy that I came with. I ignore them, as if the set is done. Each time, she will tap me on the shoulder and beg me to talk to her more. I ignore her taps, and keep talking to my friend. I don’t even stopping mid sentence to acknowledge her, but rather pretending I’m not noticing her tapping my shoulder and yelling at me, until she practically jumps on me to get my attention. Then I’ll turn around and give her more treats.I do massive comfort building, and build commonalities. We’re holding hands, and she’s squeezing. I build comfort and commonality for around twenty minutes.Then her friends drag her away to a seat about 15 feet away. My friend tells me that she’s looking over constantly. She comes over and gets drinks and jumps on me, every five minutes. I ignore her, and she keeps going for my attention. The AMOG is looking over, glaring, and the boyfriend is clueless because he wasn’t there earlier to see what was happening.I tell her that I want to hang with her, but that I can’t because she’s from Perth (elastic band disqualification, instead of saying she’s “drunk” like I normally do, I use geography). She qualifies herself to me that her parents are rich and own 5 houses, and that she has a whirlpool in one of them and that I can come over tomorrow and have a whirlpool with her.I’m like “Cool”, and then turn my back on her. This makes no sense, but I do this often when girls offer me their #. If I know it’s FULLY ON, then I’ll make THEM work to try to bring up ways to make me take their #, and sit back and laugh inside as I watch them trying to bring it up cleverly as if it were natural. It’s so funny to watch, because it’s just like what guys do to girls, and it’s so f*cking transparent that it just shows me that it’s impossible to cover up.My plan at this point, is to say “Ask the bartender for a pen, to give me your #.”***TACTIC PAWNING FOR BARTENDERSWhat I’m doing here is getting her to ask for the pen, and do all the work, like a little puppydog, right in front of the bartender. Then, I follow up by gaming the bartender, and at some point I’ll say that the girl who gave me her # is weird, and that I’m not calling her. The reason for this, is that you have only 5-7 minutes to game the bartender, and you want max-value going in. So the game is to get value obliquely first, and then just engage her long enough to qualify her quickly, and take her # for later or set a meet for after hours.Unfortunately, JUST as I am about to run the standard bartender tactic that I always use, her friends come over and drag her to the dance floor. She asks us to come, and we pretend not to hear her. She comes back from the floor every 5 minutes, trying to talk to me.Finally, its near closing time. She comes up to me.HB I’m going to be here tomorrow. Promise me you’ll be here.TD (I whisper into her ear) You were offering me your number so many times Is the reason that you’re not doing it because your boyfriend is right there watching? Just pen it down and slip it to me without him noticing.HB Yeah, he gets jealous. He’s not even my boyfriend. But I’ll get you my number. Just wait here. (LIES she was making out with him and was lovey-dovey with him).The guy I am with is gaping, jaw dropped. He’s like “Did that girl SERIOUSLY tell you she’s getting you her number????”HB’s boyfriend is cuddling her, and she’s looking at me like as if to say “help”. I walk over to the bartender HB, and say “Go give that girl a pen for me, because her boyfriend is there and she doesn’t want him to get jealous”. The bartender looks at me like I’m the shit, and goes over and gives it to her.I sit back down, and a minute later the HB from the set comes over and drops a piece of paper ball on the floor. She whispers in my ear “It’s on the floor. Promise you’ll call me tomorrow.” I promise to call, and she looks at me and keeps looking over at me the whole time that her boyfriend is dragging her out. I pick up the paper and pocket it.The AMOG is suspicious that something just happened. He comes over and says “You are so cute man. Take my #.” I look over at my HB, and she is smirking. I have beaten him, and she views it as him qualifying himself to her. She rolls her eyes, and I do it too, and we both smirk. I say “Dude, for a guy like you I have a photographic memory. Shoot.” He gives me his #, and I laugh and say “I’ll call for sure.” (looking at the girl, and she nods as if it were directed at her). The AMOG drags her back to her BF, and I walk past to leave the club and slap the HB on the ass, without anyone seeing.I was pissed that I didn’t get the # or a meet from the bartender, but it was just too late. The club was closing, and she was busy with shutting down the bar. That was a shame, but I WILL go back, and the AMOG battle was so over the f*cking top, there is little chance that she will forget it. Either way, I don’t care. I will likely get her one way or another, whether she remembers or not.I’m not sure whether or not this report conveyed it, but this set was very f*cking tricky. It took constant balance between keeping the AMOG, the BF, and the girl, always in check. I used constant backturns and AMOG blasters and kino and counter kino on the AMOG. I would break rapport and ignore him, then engage him nicely, then engage him condescendingly, then roll my eyes at him to the HB. It went on for around 2 hours or so.It also took confidence that the girl WOULD return, which meant having confidence that the field tested and tried and true routines WOULD have the impact to keep the girl hooked and coming back for more, without me doing anything to pursue the set or actively keep it going.

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