Orienting Your Game to Your Desired Results

It is always a concern that you’re being too entertaining.. it will get you party chicks, but it is not solid game. You don’t want to be the performing monkey

My day game is based strongly around Gunwitch method and rapport tactics, with maybe a few C&F lines sprinkled in..

Night game is different because I have not mastered it yet (although I’ve pulled more than most, I still have a lot of work to do on it).. generally, when PU’ing younger girls (19-23), you can’t run GWM or rapport tactics right out of the gate, because you’ll be quickly CB’ed and generally not get the attention of the party-chicks short attention span.

You may notice that I usually type up some kind of C&F sequence that I did, line-by-line, the dialogue and everything, followed by “then I did around 45 minutes of rapport”..

The forty five minute of rapport is what gets you the chick.. the C&F is what gets you the interest..

I just don’t have the patience to type up massively lengthy dialogue onto the forums I’ve historically posted at.. but I don’t mind typing up the first few minutes of the sarge, where the chick tests me to see if I’m worthy or not.

I don’t bother to write up things that I’m got down. So, for me, going up to lone chicks, going sexual, and having instant date is so over-done, that I’m not really interested in posting about it anymore.. but YES, it is my bread and butter of PU.

I also have stuff written on rapport tactics, which I’ll post later when I have time.

Oh yeah, another thing with this is that its good to tailor your style after guys who have similar backgrounds..

I’m a college-frat-guy, so I get away with ANYTHING.. the more obnoxious and over the top I am, the better the results that I get.

Who Are You Trying to Game?

I have PU’ed older chicks, and for me, I sometimes wonder why guys trying to PU older chicks (early/mid thirties) even read this site.. I’ve just walked up to older chicks, gone sexual, and suggested isolation back to their houses.. I’ve done this maybe 5 times, and I’ve never had it go bad.. (I still won’t fuck them though).. Very little game is necessary, because they’ve had enough bullshit in their lives, and they just want a guy who doesn’t fuck around and conveys sexuality and confidence.

so a lot of the shit that I post is geared towards girls who are:

  • 19 to 23
  • HB 8.5+
  • bitchy and obnoxious
  • test guys constantly
  • dressed up (peacocked) to appear “unapproachable”
  • drama queens

When confronted with a larger-than-life type of guy who doesn’t play into their frame, they crumble very fast… basically, they test and test and test, and then just crack.. boom, they’re yours (if all goes as planned, which it doesn’t always). So if you practice and you keep your frame strong then it gets pretty easy.

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