Boyfriend Destroyer, pt. 4

Here’s the last set of things you might say:

Guy into weird stuff in bed (S&M etc) when she hates it:

“It’s not that this guy doesn’t love you.. Its just that he uses these things to objectify you, because he knows that he’s never had a girl like you, and probably never will once you’re gone.. so he doesn’t want to “make love”, because he doesn’t want to make himself emotionally vulnerable to you.. but he still wants sex,  so he has to turn it into a perverse game, to keep his insecurities from overwhelming him”

Guy gets angry when he initiates sex and she’s not interested (ANOTHER KEY ONE TO PECK AT.. VERY COMMON)

“The thing is, that this guy loves you, and he’s just exasperated that…. he’s completely impotent to turn you on.. he just can’t turn you on, and he knows that, so he gets frustrated..  Its like when you want to have sex…withme…..its like, I know that its your job to get the girl turned on.  Girls need a man who knows that they want, and how to get it.  When a girl says ‘no’, but at the same time she loves this guy (sp), it often means please turn me on more.. please, I want you to be more attentive to me.. (this totally mindfucks the girl, as it is an  EXTREMELY COMMON part of the LTR cycle, that once sex becomes stagnant -> foreplay nearly ceases.  Because chemically women are addicted to OXITOCINS which are released by touch, and it is more testosterone that they get from sex, most women will hate sex once it degrades to a lack of foreplay.  However, most LTRs have this problem, so you must exploit it.. I’m ceasely amazed by how much girls in LTRs PERK RIGHT UP the second that you imply that you’re attentive even in LTRs)

Being too predictable, not passionate:

“Its not that this guy doesn’t love you.  He does.  Its just that he’s so comfortable with you now.. and feels so close to you, that you’re more like a sister to him.. Like a special sister, but someone who he doesn’t feel that he has to do all these things for anymore, because your relationship is so secure and so predictable.. there’s no need for all that excitement, because he knows that nothing will change..  Some guys deal with true love that way.. I dunno, for me, I think that if you really love someone, you have to do x,y,z (established earlier in convo) to keep it fresh.  Like if you are really a real man who loves his woman,  you have to do x,y,z to keep it fresh.  But really, its not that he doesn’t love you, its just that he loves you so much that he doesn’t see the need.”

***So, remember that you are focusing on destroying the guy’s sexual appeal, by making him seem too familiar, and easy to understand.  People generally get ‘one-itis’ for those who are challenging and hard to understand. By making the BF seem both easy to understand, and very insecure/nice/beta in the meantime, the relationship will likely not last the week.

Just remember not to be the LJBF who counsels her on her problems.  Instead, you are constantly getting her worked up by doing the EVing that MrSEX4uNYC discusses in his archive.  Ideally, she must be getting both turned off the guy by what you’re doing, and getting turned on by YOU, and the conversation NATURALLY LEADS TO HOW YOU ARE DIFFERENT, AND -IDEAL- FOR WHAT SHE WANTS.  The natural flow of conversation must indirectly lead to exposing your highly desirable qualities.

She is getting turned on by the DIRECT CONTRAST between you and her boyfriend.  You do not offer your qualities directly, but highlight them by pointing out that you understand where her BFs negative qualities are insecure.  Getting her to beg you to tell her how you treat women is all the better, and if it is going well can likely be expected.  Act reluctant to tell her if necessary, though not to the extent that you are sending an SOI that her getting with you is not a program that you’re down with. Once you have her worked up, use standard ASF material to move in, and its a done deal.

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