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I see that some of the PUAs of the group have been putting out some interesting material, and I appreciated this stuff and I felt compelled to put out some of my good stuff, to follow suit.

Thinking about my situation this week with my ex-GF, and how I will certainly be doing some BFdestroying very soon, I thought that the bros. might be interested in having a look at my potent and thoroughly field tested BFdestroying techniques. (I’d better get some good replies on that email help I asked for guys, its actually important to me).  I want to add, that I see nothing wrong in attempting to BFdestroy a relationship, because it can hardly be a good relationship if some dude she just met was so easily able to break it up.  In the case of a marriage with young children, however, I might not be inclined to use this stuff.  Comments always welcome.

My potent BF Destroying routine, in all its evil glory:

I have used this for 5 years, and seen if work effectively for both myself and for friends who ask me to BFdestroy on chicks that they want to get with.  I have seen this work on all forms of commitment (marriage, engaged, BF/GF, FB that she’s attached to).

This stuff is more geared towards prompting an actual breakup, than a ONS (though its worked WELL for ONS also in -many- cases).  I’ve read MrSEX4uNYC’s stuff on that, and its all you need.  So if you’re just trying to make yourself sexually available to commited chicks who you sense want you anyway, this stuff is hardly necessary.  In that case, just do a ctrl-f search for “boyfriend” in NYC’s archive, and you’re golden.  For HBs in satisfying relationships (ie:

getting sexed well, getting emotional nurturing, guy is challenging yet fair) that is your only option, as no amount of BFdestroying will do shit.

Background – a few things to remember:

1)      When BFdestroying you walk a tightrope between evoking too many bad feelings and having them anchoured to you, and getting the chick to want to dump her BF.  Don’t forget that your end goal is to f-close, not to break her up for some other dude to enjoy.

2)      It is preferable that you don’t make it appear that you want her to dump her boyfriend.  Rather, make the idea appear to be something from within her (more of a Socratic thing, than a direct thing).

3)      While BFdestroying, you must direct the convo. to make her prompt you to tell her how you would treat a woman.  Make her work it out of you, because she’s worked up, and wants to know if she’s got a fair deal or not.

4)      You must REFRAME all behaviour to appear like insecure nice guy behaviour.

Even behaviour that -WE- as ASFers would use on girls (such as not agreeing to LTR) is to be REFRAMED as being nice guy behaviour, as someone who is too afraid to be decisive and go for what they really want, since they are too afraid that they will lose it once they’ve been emotionally vulnerable (as will be explained below).  All behaviour can be REFRAMED.

5)      By making the guy look like a “NICE GUY”, you are making him the most sexually unappealing guy conceivable.  Once you’ve done this, there is NOTHING that he can do to get back into her good books, as you’ve put him into a predicament where anything that he does will be interpreted by his GF as being insecure.  So, if he’s too distant, and he makes up for it by buying her flowers -> he’s insecure.  If he’s too needy, and he makes up for it by getting a life -> he’s insecure.  You are trying to DIFFUSE his outer glossy shell, and give the girl a window into his inner workings, so that he no longer appears “mysterious” in any way.  You make her understand him so well, that she likes him more as a person, but no longer has any sexual desire for him.

6)      Rather than re-explaining EVing, I’ll just quote some MrSEX4uNYC archive, to give the basic frame that you’re working with WHILE you are using the stuff that I’m mentioning.  Without using this at the same time, my shit is USELESS:

“A major point though is that if her relationship to her boyfriend was so good, what is she doing sitting out for coffee with you? This does not need to be stated by you. It is obvious. Your job is to find out what SHE wants from you and how you plan to demonstrate that you can provide it to her through your stories about yourself. Of course you need lots of stories about yourself dealing with women in the same fashion that she likes to be handled herself.  This stuff seeps in and makes her think of you as “her type” without you even complimenting her once.” (MrSEX4uNYC)


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