Getting Kino Right

For me, I don’t try to KINO girls into horniness early in the game.  I try to VERBALLY GAME them into EMOTIONAL AROUSAL, so that they’ll try to kino ME, in order to re-displace all the emotions I gave them.

I tease them and give them a LITTLE BIT of kino to keep them coming back for more, but mostly I just game them verbally.

Then, when it comes time to extract, I throw out my arm for THEM to take it.

KEY:  Rather than grabbing a girls’ arm, just throw out yours for HER to take it.  If she’s at buying temperature, she’ll grab it like its a kid grabbing a candy-bar.

Notice that you can use stuff like high-5s as KINO-PING-TESTS.  If a girl is at high buying temperature and you “high-5” her, she’ll practically EXPLODE trying to high-5 you.  It will be like the most ridiculously enthusiastic high-5 of her life.

The same goes for just placing your hands out PALMS UP, and then waiting for her to put her hands on yours.

So for the punishment/reward stuff, rather than grabbing HER, I just throw out my hands palms up, and she grabs THEM.  Then I squeeze, and she squeezes back all GIDDY AS HELL.  Then I let go, or decide to hold on, depending on her state.

In terms of powerful bodylanguage and LEADING, you game her verbally, get her totally emotionally aroused, and then throw out an OPPORTUNITY for her to kino you.  It’s just like you initiating kino, but she’s COMFORTABLE with this approach.

She will LOVE this.

It conveys that you won’t make her uncomfortable at any point, and that you won’t be like 99% of all other guys who are pushy and break her state by escalating without testing the waters first.

Girls LOVE sex, but they want to feel comfortable.

This is one of the major reasons for flaking.  Guys don’t “get” buying temperature and escalation.  So a girl kisses a guy in a club, but doesn’t want to meet up with him again the next day because she knows that he’ll LOGICALLY take the same physical-liberties with her that he did the night before.  Like, she LIKES the guy, but she feels worried that he’ll think that because they made-out on the dance floor that he’ll try to make out with her the second he sees her, without escalating her emotional arousal first.

So in terms of leading, just game, wait for the signal of buying temperature (maybe her qualifying herself, often other shit also), and then give a KINO-OP to her.

At the same time, this is in CONTRAST to “caveman as a de-clogger”.  I may be planning to pull a girl from the club, and I jut out my arm for her to take but she doesn’t do it.

What do I do?  Either I re-game a bit (if I think that’s necessary), or I recognize it as something that won’t be overcome with verbal game, and I go CAVEMAN DRAG STYLE.

MANY girls NEED to be cavemanned out of a club.  They NEED this logical de-clogging.

Still, primary modus operandi is game her, provide kino opportunity for her, and then lead and escalate.

GAME = social value, emotionally arouse, pass tests, trust, escalate, phase shift to sexual, close.




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