Examining Different PUA Methods, pt. 3

So I’d like to talk about how straight European style game CAN be used to game on HB10s, as I use it myself. In elite scenes and whatnot.

What I’m going to post here is fundamentally deep shit, but not many people here will probably understand it, so it will probably go poorly understood. Pretty much nobody on this board is even into this game. I post this more because future guys who read my archive may take interest in this topic, if they have access to these scenes (or go-getters like myself, who sought out these scenes for the adventure of it).

One thing, btw, is that it’s EASIER to sleep with SHBs if you know how, than it is to sleep with 8s. So this game is worth learning.

For the super HBs, you are playing a different game. There are value-prerequisites that you must fulfill prior to even gaming them. Your game literally won’t have an effect on them if you don’t meet these pre-requisites.

That means a few things:

Having an image, where your clothing and what you say you are will be congruent (and what you say you are had better be fu*king good)

Actually acting like you’re better than them, in the sense that you don’t even fully engage them.. go to the clubs where the rich f*ckers hang out, and watch what they’re doing (the way they carry themselves, and the specific mannerisms that they have in verbal exchanges)

Have the kind of social proof where it doesn’t look like you gamed up other girls.. rather, it looks like you KNOW them from the club.

Now when it comes to super HB game, you aren’t even totally trying to pump their buying temperature, like you are with typical hotties. Rather, you’re trying to convey status, combined with active disinterest.  You can still use your C&F and all of that, but you use it differently.

***KEY POINT: Typically, it’s better to go Attract, Comfort/Rapport, Seduce. Why is that so important?

In short, the difference is that on a standard set you need to run attract game FIRST, because they won’t even ACKNOWLEDGE you if you haven’t attracted them.

Try walking up to a girl and trying for rapport with her, before she’s attracted. She’ll yawn and walk away. “Great, yet another dweeb trying for rapport with me, when EVERYONE wants rapport with me because I’m gorgeous”. OTOH, if you just game her up and don’t try for rapport, she’ll start going for it.

Now for elite social scenes (where the 10s are at) if you are IN already (as you are, just by virtue of being allowed access to the high profile venue), then you are able to just lay back, get in and build some intrigue via commonalities in their scene, and THEN shift into C&F / push-pull / attract routines, etc. For example, when you game up a set of standard hotties, you roll up and actively game them up. Like you’re doing the set, and you’re running your game, but it’s apparent that you are RUNNING GAME.  That’s fine, so long as you run your game WELL.

How to Work it on SHBs

It’s different for SHBs. How different? For SHBs, you roll in there with the mannerisms of a rich arrogant prick.  Does that mean lots of negs? Nope. Does that mean lots of C&F? Nope.  What it means is that you do things like ignore what she’s saying, and pay attention to other things that distract you.

So for example, you neg by literally ignoring what she says, and combining it with WELL TIMED takeaways. Like you pay close attention, and then when she’s really trying to get to know you, you turn around and walk away a bit, so that she follows.  This is a massively difficult skillset to acquire, that you can only learn through massive field practice and know-how.

You really have to set the bait, so that when you hit a high point and you stop focusing on her, she is in DISBELIEF that you could be disinterested. You’re acting almost idiosyncratic, like Jim Morrison from The Doors or something like that, making her chase. She’ll either act AFC and try to follow you around and get your attention more (funny), or she’ll go back to her friends and try to pretend like she’s cooler than you, in which case you just take all of the friends’ attention so she’s back to square one, and then re-engage her later.

Also, they’ll do sh*t like try to #close you, and you literally pretend that you didn’t hear it. This part is really funny, because she’ll try again later, and you say sh*t like “yeah sure” and then keep talking without actually getting your pen out, so that way she has to ask again later. Many SHBs that I game will ask me for my # 5-10 times before I actually give it to them.

One realization that you will gain from this, is how lame YOU have looked in the past, when you tried to come up with all these “natural” ways of repeatedly going for the #. It’s so obvious when the girls do it, and it makes you realize how lame you looked in the past when you did it. You’ll actually see them asking for the #, and being a bit embarrassed when they don’t get it, and then dropping it for a bit, and bringing it up later the second they get an opening.

F*cking funny to watch, because even though they had the opening, it’s still OBVIOUS that they waited for it, which makes it even more obvious that they want you because they’ve been waiting to pounce on the opening for this long.  btw, as a side note, remember that you’ll need a day2 plan that is congruent to your image if you don’t pull same night.  Key in this game is that you can get away with walking up without opinion openers. Like you can just walk up and say “Hey”, and literally sit there until they acknowledge you. Like you SIT THERE until they engage you, like it’s EXPECTED. Even if you sit there 20-30 seconds, with a look on your face like “WTF, say something, stupid little girl”. That’s because this is the kind of sh*t that rich f*ckers do. They don’t give a sh*t, because they get girls constantly.


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