How to Maintain the Momentum from a Sarge, pt. 4

What else should you do to close properly?


-try to avoid long drives before youve had sex, unless youre good at macking while driving

-try to have her meet you somewhere, where you can start gaming her IMMEDIATELY

-if youre just meeting her at a club, and she agrees to go home with you, dont let her get away from you or disengage her emotional states.. She will go back to her friends, be dissuaded, and flake.

-if you pick her up at her house, attempt the NEWSPAPER INK CLOSE, explained later in this post.

-the SECOND you see the interaction going QUIET or STALLING, tickle her, steal something, do ANYTHING to keep it charged at ALL COSTS. Stick your tongue out at her, -whatever-.. do SOMETHING

-a GREAT strategy for when you STALL, is to use the awkward pause as a time to PHASE SHIFT. Just look DEEP into her eyes. She’ll say what… whaaaaaat.., and you just look at her all confident and knowingly, then either project sexual state Gunwitch style, or run a phase shift ROUTINE.

-as an absolute LAST RESORT, have some gimmicks prepared. AVOID THIS, but if its massively stalling, it can provide FODDER to neg her and tease her with, when she discloses certain things about herself throughout the course of the exercise.

-**do things that CONFUSE her, such as saying she cant have you, and kissing her. Saying shes a DORK or DWEEB, and tickling her.

USE FRACTIONATION TECHNIQUES: When you drop a mega-bomb pattern on her, step back and let the experience SOAK IN.. dont push her over the edge and make yourself come across UNGENUINE

Constantly go BACK and FORTH be a STATE MANIPULATION MASTER.. a fucking PUPPET MASTER.. push her through states like a fucking PRO.. OBSERVE when shes at a boiling point, and do SOMETHING ELSE.. go back and forth, back and forth.. keep her on her toes.. dont be predictable and run a 2 hour patterning session, or 2 hours of C&F.. dont let yourself into a RUT of fluff talk.. go back and forth, left and right, up and down.. have STRATEGIES on how to do that..


-if shes a party-girl type, then check out other chicks in front of her, without making any excuses for it. When she shit-tests you, DENY it in a FUNNY way, that is basically a shit-testing passing measure. It has to be FUNNY, and you dont take her accusations SERIOUSLY.
-do funny things, like chatting up OTHER chicks making them LAUGH.. when you meet other chicks, do like 1000 little funny kisses on their hands.. mwa mwa mwa mwa mwa on some new chicks hand, so shell GIGGLE around you, and SOCIAL PROOF you for the chick youre with (for HSE chicks only).. Show her you are DESIRABLE, and have the ability to WALK.
-Check HER out LIBERALLY, at points when its GOING WELL. So dont do it when shes still being uncooperative, but do it when shes starting to want you. Even check her out, and joke that she cant have you.
-make it your TOP PRIORITY to enlist the help of PIVOTS, who can help you with particularly stubborn chicks.. Basically, what you want to do, is to do what the chicks who YOU wanted back your AFC days did to YOU, but in REVERSE. Have chicks that are ORBITERS, and who will do ANYTHING to keep your friendship.

Talk to them like youre a FAG, but at the same time make them feel SAFE around you. Have female FRIENDS, who LOVE you and would do ANYTHING for you. When a chick is stubborn, have them roll up on you while youre out, and hug you and look all jealous at the chick that youre with. If you dont CURRENTLY have a pivot, then LJBF the next chick that you go out with, and start CULTIVATING a LEGIT friendship with her. You can also use her for CLUBS, so that when you PU chicks from clubs, they SAW direct EVIDENCE that she isnt the only chicks that you are in contact with.

-if absolutely necessary use stuff, like CPowles shit about all my relationships start passionately to REFRAME the traditional-dating mentality.

Make it clear that you want things NATURAL, and that you don’t appreciate society dictating your actions, and that you go in with NO AGENDA, and just let whatever happens happen.. does SHE have an agenda??? 🙂 Follow this with tickling and such, to keep her IN STATE. Still, this is to be avoided, since it is PREFERABLE just to seem MYSTERIOUS and that you don’t JUSTIFY yourself. Its actually better to just have a knowing look, and NOT REACT to her bullshit.

Still, this doesnt always work, so fall back on these strategies. SET THE “YOU ARE IN CONTROL” FRAME, BY TAKING AWKWARD PAUSES, AND STARING AT HER DEEPLY, ETC:

-dont ask her for her permission on ANYTHING.. if you are ALPHA shell appreciate it.. if youre BETA, shell TEST you on it, and you have to NOT REACT

-at certain points, just sit there and LOOK at her.. let the ENDORPHINS run through both of you

-strike while the iron is HOT.. NEVER pass up on a HOT MOMENT, or the chicks limbic brain will be DISENGAGED

-take her places without telling her where youre going.. good, because when you bring her somewhere isolated, the PRECEDENT that you dont say anything will have been set.

-Again, ALWAYS phase shift when the time is right.. NEVER be afraid to phase shift.. REMEMBER that is in IN FACT, -INAPPROPRIATE- and TACKY- not to phase shift when the time is right. GO IN FOR THE KILL WHEN SHE IS PRIMED OR RISK LOSING ALL YOUR PROGRESS. HAVE FUN WHILE USING THESE SORTS OF TACTICS:

-REMEMBER, that if using these tactics is not FUN for you, that you will come off as LAMEASS and INCONGRUENT.

-this stuff is meant to be FUN to use, because chicks react positively to it.. if its not fun, then make it a PRIORITY to find a style that IS.

-dont be a TRY-HARD, or chicks will DETECT it, and assume that you have an AGENDA, and that you are not GENUINE, which is a massive TURN OFF for them.


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