How to Use Guys to Get the Girls


If you are a 23 year old frat guy like me, this is how you befriend guys..  older guys, I dunno.

For example, if you want to open a set that has a guy in it, to get to your target, here are things to talk about to guys. (as opposed to using something like the “Spells routine”, which guys will think is fucked up and boring).

Mystery tells me this all the time, and its definetely true – “when you own the men, you own the women.. when you own the women, you own the men..”

So if you can get good at chatting guys in clubs, and good at gaining acceptance from them, their chicks will dig you and you can often exploit that.


PUA: dude, you’ll never guess what I played today.. WTF,  C-O-N-T-R-A….  fucking SWEET….. up up down down left right left right B A B A select start…. ooooooh yeah dude,. that’s the fucking SHIIIIT.. dude I had the SPREAD GUN, I was like fucking up the alien wall shit… it was fucking NUTS..


PUA: dude, today I took my chinese buddy, who had long hair, and we fucking buzzed him fucking STRAIGHT-UP.. we cut down here (hand motions) and here.. and BOXED it all up here.. and left it all long back here.. and cut the sideburns all squared up high like this.. and dude, we put in ………….. RACING STRIPES!!! Like Vanilla Ice.. it was the fucking SHIT…


PUA: bro, just outside this fucking OLD SCHOOL GREMLIN rolled by.. it was

fucking OLD SCHOOL SHIT dude.. it had this MASSIVE car stereo in it, like big

bass SUBS in the back, and it was fucking PUMPING.. the whole car was vibrating

like “dummmmmmmm dummmmmmmm”

Any more good ones (to put down, or to befriend) would be appreciated.

What are some great ways to befriend and get rapport with GUYS fast?  Any thoughts?  I’ve never been great at this, although what I’ve posted is tested and works very well.

How the Europeans do it

Oh, another thing I want to post about some other stuff I’ve been up to lately that I thought was pretty funny.

I learned most of this stuff in Europe, while trying to steal sets from guys and preventing them from stealing sets from me.  The guys here are not pushovers like most guys I meet in North America.  Many have game.

This is field tested probably hundreds of times.

AMOG:  How do you guys know eachother?

PUA:  Her?  I fucked her.

(Girl will go “aaaaaaaaah… hahahahah, I did NOT!!! But she’ll hit you and be giggling and start crawling all over you…).

AMOG:  Hey, this is a nice girl.

PUA:  Her.. she’s a slut..

(Again, girl will start going “nooooo!” while giggling her ass off and crawling on you.. this is very deflating to the guy trying to cut in)

NOTE:  Trying the above 2 was actually kinda weird for me.  I was like “fuck, I can’t say this”.  But I’d seen the European naturals use it on me a few times, so I thought “fuck it, I’ll use it”.  I use it all the time now, including just bringing it up like “actually guys, you know her and I know eachother.. know how?  I fucked her..”  The girls freak out and giggle and grab you and get hyper.  The key though is that you have to do it when they’re already at high buying temperature.  Like similar to CraigSD220’s C&F Accentuators.  You do it to add punch to something else that already got them laughing.

I’ll post more on this next time.


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