The Anomalies of Pick Up

More no-sleep ramblings from TylerDurden.. even more abstract now, so probably incomprehensible (will review this tommorow morning)..

THE ANOMOLY EFFECT:  The effect which is the result of taking SPECIFIC STRATEGIES into the field, that are not genuinely part of your personality, and implementing them WITHOUT implementing the NATURAL elements that someone who NATURALLY used them would have.


In Australia, when bunny rabbits were let loose, they covered the entire country-side because there were no NATURAL PREDATORS.  This is because a FOREIGN element was introduced, and there were no NATURAL CHECKS to deal with it (IOW, there were no rabbit predators to eat the little bunny rabbits and keep their population in check)

Using modern cropping techniques based in genetic engineering, modern farmers can run the SAME crop 3 times per year, instead of different crops each trimester as is the natural way.  As a result, BUGS INFILTRATE.  Since there is the SAME PLANT growing ALL YEAR, they can multiply more effectively than if a different plant was introduced every 4 months.  So their ideal habitat is always there, and they can just multiply and multiply.



When you intentionally learn a new technique, you might be inclined to implement it in an EXAGGERATED fashion.

1)      An example of this is COCKY/FUNNY.  C&F is designed to attract girls, but does little to gain rapport in many cases.

THE RESULT:  A pure C&F sarge will yield you a chick that will fuck you RIGHT THERE, but won’t return your friggin’ phone calls a day later.  Actually fuck that.. a MINUTE later.. (the other night, using a PURE C&F sarge (because of a time-constraint), 26 and I had girls walking out of the club, and they were TOTALLY into the idea – arm-in-arm with us all smiling and saying they wanted to, but then FLAKED on the insta-date just cause we left for ONE MINUTE to handle coat check)

Recall my sarge of the chick with her date from late December.  I did PURE C&F, and she wanted to bang me in the BATHROOM while her date was sitting in the other end of the club.  She was THAT HORNY, even though I did NOTHING but C&F ballbusting for 15 minutes.

Then, later on when we got in touch, she FLAKED.  (this may also be because I made her take me skiing, but who knows).  This is a VERY COMMON result of a pure C&F sarge.  The SECOND you leave, she comes out of state, and BOOM, no interest in pursuing the guy who she just made out with within 5 minutes of meeting.

2)      MYSTERY METHOD:  You learn to become LARGER THAN LIFE.. You learn to project MYSTERY and INTRIGUE..  If you’re doing MM properly, you have people flocking around you, and everyone is wondering ‘WHO IS THIS GUY???’

As a result, the chick will become massively intrigued with you.. But VERY OFTEN, you get cases where you try to #close the chick, and she’ll do ABSOLUTELY BIZARRE SHIT..

An example was when Mystery sarged this stripper, and he tries to #close.  She declines, and starts CRYING.. LITERALLY CRYING.. she doesn’t want him to leave.. “don’t leave.. please don’t leave.. I’m sooo confused..”

He puts his hat on her head, and she starts saying that she feels the room spinning.

She keeps hovering around him, crying, and giving all these IOIs LEFT AND RIGHT.. she is SO INTO HIM its RIDICULOUS, but won’t let him #close her.. “i’m so confused.. I’m so confused.. I’ve never met anyone like you..” (all this while she is hugging him and begging him not to leave and shit.. it was VERY sexual, but she wouldn’t let him close)

Having done alot of work to improve my MM, I’m actually starting to get results like this on odd occassions.. I’ll sarge a chick, and she’ll decline further contact.  She’ll let me kiss her, and all that shit, but she FREAKS OUT when I try to #close her.. She is thinking WHY ME??? WHY ME???

I sarged this hottie waitress in front of Paps and Dreamweaver, and she declines my invite to be my “new girlfriend”.. but yet she keeps coming back to the table AGAIN and AGAIN.. she begs me to chat her after my dinner, and won’t leave me alone.. but yet, she WILL NOT see me again.. she is FREAKED OUT, but will still KISS ME and do ANYTHIGN I WANT.. I bet I could have nailed her right at her work, but yet she is so freaked out that she just can’t figure out what is going on..

These are ANOMOLIES of MODELLING a particular element of a successful PUAs style.

1)      A natural C&F type guy would be likely to also have rapport building skills and such.. so he wouldn’t have the problem of insta-flake once the chick comes out of state.

2)      A genuine celebrity might also have certain rapport building skills..

But when we EMULATE stuff like DYD and MM, we don’t NATURALLY include the RAPPORT BUILDING, and we LOSE THE CONNECTION.

The ANSWER then is to backtrack and BUILD RAPPORT with chicks, once you have successfully attracted them using DYD or MM tactics.

The ANSWER is to REWIND and get a GENUINE CONNECTION with the chick, once you’ve attracted her using your techniques.  Get a GENUINE connection that you GENUINELY FEEL, and she’ll want to see you again because you’re FRIENDS.  (unless she’s a party girl, who won’t date most guys anyway since she just wants ONS, so just give her what she wants if you’re into that)

Otherwise, you suffer from BIZARRE ANOMOLIES, where chicks WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU, but give you WEIRD resistance down the line.

It’s a result of emulating PARTS, but not ALL of a particular successful approach.  Anomolies.

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