What Makes A Good Date

When I was fairly new to the game, after about 3 months of practice, I was about to go on a date with a hot Polish girl. I was a little bit nervous, as I still wasn’t totally desensitised to being around attractive women, and I still wasn’t totally confident in my abilities as a pick up artist. I was also exposing myself to a great deal of material, far too much in retrospect, and my head was full of routines and tips, most of which I hadn’t practiced enough.

Luckily I had begun to keep the company of top London PUAs, and I was able to ask one prestigious London guru for advice for how to have a good date.

His advice was as simple as it was invaluable, and consisted of three points:

1. Maintain eye contact

2. Speak slowly

3. Use kino That was it.

He told me to forget any complicated routines, DHVs etc, and to just be me, and I’m glad to be able to say that it was one of the first really successful dates I’ve ever been on. I emptied my head of the complicated routines and other techniques which had begun to confuse me and actually hold me back. It was a real relief to be able to let go of the complications of the game, and just concentrate on simple aspects of seduction, and looking back at this point, it was one of the best bits of advice I had been given.

As soon as I met her I began to use playful kino, a quick kiss on both cheeks, and I linked her arm with mine on the way to the bar. When we sat down I kept playfully touching her arm, and she began to reciprocate with her body language, touching me back, sitting close to me, and facing her body towards me. I constantly maintained eye contact and spoke extra slowly, far slower than I would usually. I found that leaving deliberate pauses in my conversation meant that I had more time to think about what I was saying, and largely eliminated awkward silences in conversation.

When there was a pause in the conversation I maintained eye contact, and the situation was loaded with sexual tension, rather than being awkward. I escalated the kino so that by the time I thought it was right to kiss her, she was practically sitting on my lap. I went to whisper something in her ear and then slowly worked around to her mouth. Kissing a girl had never felt so natural, and It was the first time that I was totally confident that I wouldn’t get blown out going in for the kiss.

If you feel that you’re getting overwhelmed with information then perhaps it might benefit your game to simply things and concentrate on the three simple things which helped me so much.

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