The Learning Curve for Routines

One thing I’ve been observing recently is the way that people and routines work together over time. I think I’ve spotted a pattern, which will be useful to us, and I think it goes something like this:

1-      You try a brand new routine or opener.  It falls flat.  Then you TIGHTEN it by using it on TWENTY different girls.  It tightens and tightens, until it is TIGHT.  Now you have a tight routine to use in a sarge.  To get the desired reaction from a routine typically takes me between five and thirty botched sarges (now that I’m better, I can afford fuckups and still hold the sarge, but in the past I’d typically lose it).  Then after x-number of lost sarges, the routine is now tight.

2-      The routines fall FLAT.  You’ve used it SO MANY TIMES that you literally CAN’T STAND THE SOUND OF YOUR OWN VOICE USING THE ROUTINE, and you feel like an idiot using it.  You get sick of the same stupid assed responses, and don’t look enthusiastic by them anymore.  You come off incongruent or fake or whatever, and your routine fucks up your sarges.

3-      You DROP the routine, and you CHANGE back to OLD routines that you haven’t used for a few months, and then all of a sudden they are working AWESOME.  Better than even when you had originally used them, because you have both the mastered DELIVERY and the renewed ENTHUSIASM.  You use these until you begin to find them boring again, and then you revert BACK to the routines you DROPPED.

5-20 uses:  shit

20-300 uses:  very tight

300+ uses:  goes to crap, due to utter lack of enthusiasm



300-600: very tight

600+: goes to crap


300-600: very tight

600+: you’re sick of them again


900-1100: very tight again

1100+:  crap again


etc etc etc etc etc………

Also, you learn NEW routines that are posted HERE, and then sometimes just drop going back to your old ones.  But if you don’t have enough of a new stock that you’re ENTHUSIASTIC for, you just go back to old ones and they’re AS GOOD AS NEW.

KEY here is that when you go back to old material that you thought sucked and your new shit was better, you find that the old stuff WAS good, since you now have a RENEWED ENTHUSIASM for it.

And yes, for keyboard jockeys this will all seem very weird.  “Holy shit, how many sarges does this guy do?”

For guys in field, this should be a very recognizable phenomenon that they’ve experienced. I think what this shows is the importance of delivery, rather than the actual content of the routines. This is why the first few times you do it are shit, because you haven’t got down how to say it, then you get bored and lose enthusiasm so it’s shit again. This is why naturals can do it without routines: because they make whatever they say sound interesting




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