The Perfect Blend of PUA, pt. 4

OK, so cool.  We have reasonably a linear model.  However, in spite of that, there are still real world scenarios that pop up, that raise questions.

1** Deliberately installing the elements of V, A, C, Q, S into every sarge is not always necessary.  Many interactions have them structured into them already, so you need not consciously install them.

2** The particularly order of V, A, C, Q, S is just something that OFTEN works, but it is not always necessary to follow that particular order.  They can often be mixed and matched.

These 5 elements are just generalized things that we can pretty much assume are necessary elements of a pickup.  But there are many many interactions that have these elements already pre-installed, and many many interactions where the particular ordering of V first, then A, then C, etc, is actually NOT as effective as mixing up the order.

Let’s look at a few cases:


You’re at a party.  Portions of © is taken care of, because your girls’ friends all vouch for you, and you come from the same social circle (so the trust is there, but you still have to connect with the girl so there is still some work).  (Q) may even be taken care of to a certain extent, because it is social custom to hook up with friends of friends (its at least easier).  (V) is even often taken care of, because social value is assumed, just so long as you are one of the more alpha and charismatic guys at the party.

Also, it is UNNECESSARY to open with attract based material.  You don’t need to use opinion openers to start, and you don’t need to use (A) type material right away, because the girl is LOCKED IN to talking to you.  It’s a party among friends.  She has to talk to someone, and if you’re a cool enough guy it will probably be you.  The same goes for A-List top venues, where you have to be a SOMEBODY to even be permitted into the venue.  The girls assume that you’re a hot-shot, so you don’t have to pummel them with push/pull right away, just to have them willing to sit there and chat you.

At the same time, you don’t want to go in and try too hard for rapport either.  Like you don’t want to go in there boring as fuck.  Just go in natural.  Say “Hey”, and wait for her to qualify herself a bit.  Sit there until she answers, like its ASSUMED that the two of you should talk to eachother because its a social gathering.  Talk about something really fucking cool that you saw.  Then build commonality that the two of you are in the same scene, and she’ll be intrigued with you a bit.  Then, once you have a sort of rapport, BAM you can slip in the push/pull and tease her a bit.

This is a GREAT formulation for the following reason:  You can make her comfortable enough to justify sleeping with you, and then BAM you up up up buying temperature.  You can literally just pull her into the bedroom of the party and full monty right there.

It’s not like with the A prior to C formulation, where you have to worry about her losing state while you’re building comfort.

But if that’s a problem, then why do we typically use the A first and C second formulation?  Again, its because she won’t be willing to even TALK to you if you haven’t dealt with A.

At a party though, this isn’t the case.  So it makes much more sense to use a bit of attract just to not be categorized as a chump, but to build up comfort and fractionate between the two a bit, and then REALLY PUMP the attraction when you’re ready to seduce.

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