The Comprehensive Ramblings of a PUA, pt. 21


You may find that this shit is fucking funny as hell, but it WORKS. I have PILES of tricks that I use, but I’ll post my two FAVOURITES.


If you don’t f_close on the PU, the CHEAPEST date that I know of is to put NEWSPAPER INK on your hand!!! SWEEEEEEET!! COST FREE SHIT BROS!! 🙂

People may recall that a while back I was asking for ideas on cost-free dates..  And it was really bugging me going out with new chicks everyday, and having to do shit with these chicks that was TIME CONSUMING.

So INSTEAD, I figured that I had to make it so I could f_close when I picked her up at her house.. But HOW???

Well I figured that I needed a way to get INTO HER HOUSE, so that she’d be isolated right from the start. Using the phase shift stuff I described above, I can pretty much close the deal on ANY chick that I have ALONE. PROBLEM IS though, that its VERY hard to get them to agree to be alone, most of the time, when you’re dealing with these early 20s chicks.

So the SOLUTION is to roll up a NEWSPAPER in your fist as you drive over, and let some INK get all onto your hand.

When you get to the chick’s house, tell her that you got ink on your hands from reading the paper, and that you need to use the sink.

See, I used to say I needed to take a piss, but that wasn’t as good as this, because she’d give me PRIVACY. Also, its kinda weird to piss in a new chick’s house.

But LIKE THIS, since you have ADVANTAGES:

1-if she says ‘no’, you can start teasing her by putting the ink onto her face.. this is PLAYFUL no matter what, so regardless its a GOOD RESULT

2-if she says ‘yes’, you can chat her as she comes to the sink with you, and then you SPLASH the water on her FACE.. this starts a PLAYFIGHT..

hahahhahaa, and we ALL KNOW what happens when you playfight with a chick who is INTERESTED.. this is FUNNY SHIT.. you can bring her to the couch/table/bedroom/floor RIGHT THEN AND THERE, NO “DATE” NECESSARY..

Now the other thing with this whole “get into her house” idea, is that you want to get her FAMILIARIZED with you being in her house (I recall a guy on the DYD CDs who explained this same idea even more clearly). So no matter WHAT, find an EXCUSE to get in there, even if you still leave for your date. Its a GREAT idea to go in, wash your hands, and LEAVE, **IF** you don’t feel that you can close it. It shows restraint, and trustworthiness. She’ll be USED to the idea of you being in her house, and will resist it much less down the line.

But, if you’re a PUA going on a lot of dates, then try to focus on just closing it no date (unless you have alot of free time). Just try it a few times, and play around with it.

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