The Comprehensive Ramblings of a PUA, pt. 22

This is the other one I really like


A SMOOTH way to phase shift on a chick, is to STRUCTURE something that will cause the two of you to be TOUCHING eachother for an extended period of time, in a way that she won’t mind or resist.

A great way to do that is to watch a movie together, and spoon on the couch.  Often, she didn’t really intend to sleep with you, but the 2 hours of spooning and caressing will cause her to turn over at the end of the movie, start kissing, touching, clothes come off, etc etc.. Especially after a movie that stimulates her in some way (be it romance, action, sex, comedy, whatever)

But BETTER YET, for chicks who won’t rent a movie with you, just focus on getting them reasonably isolated, and trying this out.

Wait until the chick does ANYTHING that allows you to bring up that she’s a little “wound up / ansi / etc”..

Then, tell the chick that you’re gonna help her to “relax”, but still stand kinda FAR away from her, so she won’t think that you’re gonna suggest massage or something, in case she resists on that account.

1-Tell her to sit on the floor, while you’re STILL STANDING, looking kinda disinterested not totally facing her, so she’s disarmed.

2-Now, she’s already SITTING DOWN maybe cross-legged. Then YOU sit down on the floor, against the wall, and without looking guilty or anything (like its totally NORMAL), tell her to put her back up against yours, so that she’s sitting in between the V, in between your legs. So basically, you’re leaning back on the wall, with your legs spread so she can lean her back against your stomach. You’re “spooning” while sitting up.

3-Tell her that she’s going to “visualize” some kind of bullshit. Hold hands with her, and interlock your fingers. Again, this is part of the RELAXATION EXERCISE, and it has to be made to seem TOTALLY NORMAL, so that she will seem WEIRD and UPTIGHT and ANALLY RETENTIVE if she doesn’t go along with it.

NOTE: the POWERFUL part of this, is that you’re both ALREADY sitting down on the floor, so if she DECLINES, them you both have to STAND UP, and BRUSH OFF, all for NOTHING.. SOLELY because she’s uptight, and doesn’t trust you.. so basically she’s put in a position where she has to diss you REALLY BAD, if she doesn’t go along with it, because of the way that you STRUCTURED it, by getting her to sit down, and you sitting down, PRIOR to you telling her exactly what it is that you’re doing

4-Memorize some lame-ass RELAXATION EXERCISE. The “Rose Pattern”, found in the PlayerGuide can suffice for this. I used to use it, but use a synesthetic hypnotic demo now, which is basically the SAME SHIT as that anyway. Run the exercise, and ANCHOR certain feelings to her by squeezing her hand at certain points, if you feel her breathing increase. I’m not really good at anchors and I dunno if they’re real or not, but I just try anyway, since I figure it’s a decent time to touch her or whatever.

5-Now, while you run this demo that should take like 4-5 minutes or so, start talking INTO HER EAR… closer and closer..

6-Run your lips accidentally into her hair, ear, neck, whatever, until she LEANS IN, and then start KISSING HER CHEEK accidentally as you talk..

7-She’s on the floor already, so you just sort of lean her sideways over, start tonguing her down, and then you’re on your own bros! 🙂

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